By: Liz Murphy

on July 3rd, 2018

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Liz's 5 Favorite Episodes (Creator's Block Podcast) Blog Feature Subscribe

By: Liz Murphy

 on July 3rd, 2018

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"Liz's 5 Favorite Episodes" (Creator's Block Podcast)

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Well, last week was my very last episode as host of the Creator's Block podcast, which I founded with Jessie-Lee two years ago. 

While I'm excited to begin my newest podcasting adventure with IMPACT -- the Content Lab podcast -- I do want to pause and reflect today on a few of my favorite episodes from the past year, before I say goodbye for good.

And if you missed my last episode, where I pass the co-host torch to the immensely talented Justine, check it out below... 

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From morning routines to getting raw over a Brené Brown book, to carefrontations and mindfulness, it's been a good run.

I'm really going to miss squawking in your ear once a week about my feelings. If you won't, just lie to me, tell me I'm pretty, and that you'll miss me, too.

Creator's Block returns on July 17 with Justine Timoteo and Marcella Jalbert.


Listen to the Episodes

The Romantic Myth of the Morning Routine

You know what's annoying? All of those well-intentioned, but ultimately useless think pieces about how to hack your way to the most perfect and elevated morning routine. Where you're supposed to run a marathon, answer all of your email, meditate, write a novel, go camping, and watch the sun rise all before you sit down for an Instagram-worthy breakfast. 

I love this episode, because it isn't just about tearing down the myths of morning success -- although that was a lot of fun. We also focus on why these articles keep popping up, and what we can actually learn from them.


Book Club: Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown

Brené Brown, PhD., LMSW is a social scientist. She also has a way of telling her stories in a way that's vulnerable, relatable, and makes you feel like you're not alone. I love this episode -- our first book club episode -- because we came to the table with our own thoughts about what it means to find belonging in this big and crazy world. 

It got real. It got personal. We learned a lot about each other.


Speaking Creative to Non-Creatives

Whether they're clients or other internal colleagues, the people we collaborate with may not always know how to clearly articulate why they do -- or don't -- like something we've created, or that they want something to change.

Having the ability to bridge these communication barriers is probably one of the most important skills marketing creative professionals can possess. This episode with special guest Vin Gaeta of IMPACT will help you do that.


How to Have a Carefrontation

Kathleen Booth, VP of Marketing for IMPACT, is responsible teaching me the worst word on the planet that is also the most important professional (and personal, to be honest) communication strategy you can embrace -- the carefrontation.

But what is a carefrontation? And how do you effectively have one? We discuss that and more in this episode.


Mindfulness at Work

IMPACT COO Chris Duprey is no stranger to the podcast. In his second appearance, we discuss a topic that's often dismissed as too trendy -- mindfulness. 

Given that he's been practicing it himself, however, with positive results, we invited Chris back to the podcast this week to help us unpack mindfulness from the perspective of leaders -- or just professionals in general -- who have heard about it, maybe have some limited experience with it, but don’t really get the practical applications it can have not only at home, or at work.


We Want to Hear from You!

First, subscribe to Creator's Block on Apple Podcasts. Second, have a question or an idea for a future episode of the podcast? Let us know! 

Or, you can leave us a comment below! Until next week...

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As IMPACT's content strategist, Liz does more than wrangle commas. With 10+ years of editorial and inbound experience, she's obsessed with innovating ways to create content that's absurdly useful and effective. (She also works with in-house contributors and clients as an editor, strategist, interviewer, coach, and sometimes therapist.) No matter which hat she wears, her goal is simple -- empower organizations and thought leaders to differentiate themselves and drive measurable results through game-changing content. Liz has worked with organizations across a wide range of industries including cybersecurity and healthcare, to government sales and insurance. Liz lives in Annapolis, MD with her husband and two dogs. She loves public radio and is also a freelance beer writer and an enthusiastic camper. Finally, she has very aggressive feelings about pineapple on pizza. (It's best not to engage her on that topic.)

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