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"The Best of Our Guests" (Creator's Block Podcast)

"The Best of Our Guests" (Creator's Block Podcast) Blog Feature

Liz Moorehead

Director of Web & Interactive Content, Speaker, Host of 'Content Lab' Podcast

May 22nd, 2018 min read

One of the best parts of our job is the fact that we get to wake up each morning knowing we get to work with some of the smartest people in the industry.

So, this week, while our noses are deep in projects, processes, and creative objectives, Marcella and I are sharing with you our favorite episodes featuring other IMPACTers. 

From collaboration and career paths, to "carefrontations" and mindfulness, these have been some of our favorite conversations.


Listen to the Episodes

How to Be Great Collaborators & Project Managers

Christine Austin is the design lead for the brand team. Earlier this year, we were essentially attached at the hip collaborating and working together on a few very large initiatives. It was a crash course in teamwork, basically.

In this episode, we share what we did well, what we could have done better, and what it really takes for marketers and designers to partner up and be successful.


What Does a Designer Career Path Look Like?

IMPACT designer Joe Rinaldi stepped in while I was away on vacation earlier this year to talk with Jessie-Lee and Marcella about a challenge specific to designers.

Designers, specifically, are often viewed as one-dimensional cogs in the creative wheels of an agency that perform a dedicated function. But how do they develop as professionals? Do you stay in the same role, or is there ever a chance for advancement?


How to Have a Carefrontation

Kathleen Booth, VP of Marketing for IMPACT, is responsible teaching me the worst word on the planet that is also the most important professional (and personal, to be honest) communication strategy you can embrace -- the carefrontation.

But what is a carefrontation? And how do you effectively have one? We discuss that and more in this episode.


Mindfulness at Work

IMPACT COO Chris Duprey is no stranger to the podcast. In his second appearance, we discuss a topic that's often dismissed as too trendy -- mindfulness. 

Given that he's been practicing it himself, however, with positive results, we invited Chris back to the podcast this week to help us unpack mindfulness from the perspective of leaders -- or just professionals in general -- who have heard about it, maybe have some limited experience with it, but don’t really get the practical applications it can have not only at home, or at work.


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