"What Does a Designer Career Path Look Like?" (Creator's Block, Ep. 60)

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"What Does a Designer Career Path Look Like?" (Creator's Block, Ep. 60) Blog Feature

Published on February 6th, 2018

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While I was out last week on vacation, Marcella and Jessie-Lee brought in a special, in-house guest -- IMPACT designer Joe Rinaldi -- to talk about a designer-specific challenge.

But first, a little background.

A few episodes ago, we chatted about the pressure to be creative and what that means to each of us at an individual level.

We sifted through a lot of terrible creativity hacks, debunked some myths, and got real about how the whole creative process goes down. While we loved that discussion, however, there is a piece of the puzzle we didn’t touch upon.

Designers, specifically, are often viewed as one-dimensional cogs in the creative wheels of an agency that perform a dedicated function. But how do we grow and develop as professionals? 

Are we supposed to remain static in our career path, forever performing singular design tasks? Or, are there other opportunities out there for those who need to get up in the morning and create?

It's a tricky subject to tackle. 

But, this week, Jessie-Lee, Marcella, and Joe dove headfirst into an honest discussion about creative leadership, upward moves, lateral transitions, and all of the big, hairy (and scary) question marks that are inherent to the discussion of growth for today's modern, professional graphic designers.


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