15 Marketing Podcasts Getting Me Through My Daily Workout

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15 Marketing Podcasts Getting Me Through My Daily Workout Blog Feature

Published on September 27th, 2017

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So, I have to admit, it took me until 2016 to get into marketing podcasts.

Fortunately, since I only listen when I’m on the elliptical, this is one New Year’s resolution (along with my gym time) that didn’t die the third week of January -- double bonus!

Growing up an athlete, I knew in order to be one of the best, I had to put in the work. This meant extra practices, turning one side of our garage into a batting cage, and working out my key muscle groups every day.

When it came time to be a grown-up, I didn’t have a coach anymore and knew I had to rely on myself to push into being one of the best - only now my focus moved from sports to marketing.

Because the industry shifts so quickly, I decided to focus on listening to marketing podcasts to stay up-to-date and learn new perspectives from some of the great marketing thought leaders on the horizon today.



We didn't want to include this in the list, but wanted to mention it in the post. At IMPACT, we recently launched The IMPACT Show with Bob & NickEach week, this marketing podcast explores a unique theme or concern plaguing marketing leaders. In addition to the big theme, Bob and Nick will keep their fingers on the pulse of marketing, sales, and business advancements, then in 5 minutes or less, report exactly what you need to know.

A few recent episodes include:

But that aside, there are a lot of other great shows popping up in the digital marketing space recently.

The following is a list of what I, and some of my fellow IMPACTers, are listening to right now, so you, too, can put in the work.

1. HUBCAST by The Sales Lion

hubcast.pngA podcast just for Hubspotters? Sign me up! The Sales Lion’s HUBCAST tackles everything HubSpot users want to know to level up their marketing automation skills and strategy.

Whether you’re a total HubSpot newbie or an old-timer that wants to stay up-to-date, this is the podcast for you. Plus, Marcus Sheridan and George B. Thomas offer a dynamic duo format that not only educates, but entertains.

Check out their most popular episodes:

2. Marketing School

marketing-school.pngIf you’re not big on long podcasts, or just need something quick and inspirational, check out Marketing School by Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

When I have a creative block, I usually will go read a few blog posts to reinvigorate my attention span, but Marketing School takes this to a whole new level.

This 10-minute podcast focuses on providing actionable advice I can use in my everyday job. Sometimes I can even find an episode on the exact thing I’m stuck on to get back in my groove.

Here are some of my favorites:

3. Digital Marketer's Perpetual Traffic

perpetual-traffic-impact.pngWe are HUGE fans of Digital Marketer. Their content is top notch, and their podcast is no exception.

Bob and I just drove to a meeting together the other day and listened to the UPSYD episode. A lot of our inspiration and growth comes from the insights of this team, especially their content on Facebook advertising.

Here are my top episodes that I think everyone should listen to:

4. Confessions of a Pink Haired Marketer

pink-haired-marketer.pngFull disclosure: I had a pink hair phase in college. While this was super cool, it was also:

  1. expensive to maintain
  2. not going to fly in the professional world.

What I love about Sonia Simone’s podcast is her no-holds-barred discussions on business and being so successful you can live by your own rules - hence why she has pink hair today.

As an avid copywriter, her episodes combine sassy straight talk with powerful content advice. Check out these 5 posts to get a glimpse into the value you can expect.

Bonus: MarketHer


Balancing a career and a family can come as a high cost for many feeling that they need to sacrifice one to succeed in the other.  But the women of MarketHer don’t want that to be the case.

In this IMPACT podcast, hosted by Angela Myrteus, Brit Schwartz, and myself, we tackle how women should grow and prosper in their careers while continuing to juggle the many responsibilities all of life still throws at you, whatever the ‘all’ may be.

This podcast might be fresh off the press, but a couple of the recent episodes that I think deserve a listen are:

5. Call to Action

call-to-action-unbounce-podcast.pngCall to Action is roughly a 20-30 minute podcast powered by Unbounce. True to the company’s expertise, the show focuses conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, landing page optimization, and more.

As a devoted reader of the Unbounce blog, I was excited to check out its podcast. One reviewer summed it up nicely saying, “It’s no easy task to bring technical aspects of conversion optimization into story form, but they pull it off extremely well.”

The following episodes are definitely worth a listen.

6. Brand Newsroom

brand-newsroom-podcast.pngYou hear all the time how content marketing is dying and there’s too much clutter on the web. Enter Brand Newsroom, a podcast by content marketers and brand journalists. Their advice is spot on when it comes to applying a publisher’s mentality to how we create marketing content for our audience.

To get awesome advice on smart content creation and storytelling, check out these episodes.

7. HubSpot’s The Growth Show

hubspot-the-growth-show.pngAs a HubSpot Diamond Partner, I have to give a shout out to HubSpot’s The Growth Show, which tackles business growth from every angle with interesting stories and guests.

One thing I appreciate is how the interview-style and overall podcast format focuses on the how. Each episode is a bite-sized 20-30 minutes and is jam-packed with insightful and valuable information you can implement in your own business.

Here’s a taste of some of the more popular episodes that deal with a variety of topics:

8. The #AskGaryVee Show by Gary Vaynerchuk

ask-gary-vee-podcast.pngWe love Gary Vaynerchuk here at IMPACT. His hustle is inspiring and his ability to always be on the forefront of trends is insane.

The #AskGaryVee show started as a YouTube series in which he sources questions from Twitter and answers on camera. The audio is then repurposed into a podcast - how smart is that?

Because the questions are sourced, the episode length tends to range, but each episode touches on trends, thought leadership, and business.

Check out some of his most popular episodes.

Bonus: Inbound Success Podcast


“What do the most successful inbound marketers do to get great results?”  This is the question Kathleen Booth, one of IMPACT's strategists, answers on each episode of her weekly podcast, Inbound Success.

Many of us know and hear of the success stories inbound marketing provides to companies and how its approach can sometimes vastly exceed others. But sometimes, the methodology just doesn’t work for everyone.

In this podcast, Kathleen not only looks into the reasons why many inbound strategies do work for clients, but also which ones don’t and why. Each episode, Kathleen invites an industry expert to the show to facilitate each episode's main topic.

Some of the most recent episodes include:

9. Seeking Wisdom by Drift


Another organization's marketing and content we really admire is Drift's. With its simple, personalized emails, and no-form approach to lead generation, the company is on the cutting edge of strategy and its podcast is no different.

Hosted by Director of Marketing, Dave Gerhardt, and CEO (and former HubSpotter), David Cancel, Seeking Wisdom goes beyond just business to discuss as its iTunes description states "health, wealth, life, and learning."  

Here are a few episodes I've really enjoyed:

10. PNR with This Old Marketing Podcast

this-old-marketing-podcast.pngThe Old Marketing is hosted by Joe Pulizzi (whom I cite frequently) and Robert Rose.

Each episode is 60 minutes (which means I get a great workout and awesome marketing content) and the format is a mix of latest marketing news and real examples of successful content marketing.

Throw in a rant/rave section and you walk away with an earful of thought-provoking content. As a strategist for my clients here, I can’t get enough of this podcast.

The following episodes are some that have inspired me personally.

11. Copyblogger FM


Being a content writer, or even someone who writes consistently can occasionally be a struggle. Thinking of what to write, how to write it, and who the audience should be may have you hitting a roadblock. But the CopyBlogger podcast hopes to solve that.

In this podcast, Sonia Simone talks to a cast of rotating experts whom she discusses tips and tactics for writing, conversion optimization, mindfulness, email marketing, and more.

As someone who may not consider themselves a copywriter, but does find myself writing daily, I enjoy listening to many of their more tactical podcasts which leave me with information I can begin implementing immediately.

Here are a couple of my favorite episodes you should check out:

12. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzener


When trying to get your footing in social media marketing, it really is easy to find yourself in a jungle, as Michael Stelzner calls it.

So in a world of cat videos, ads for bobble heads, and daily posts from your friends, how do you create a strategy that breaks through the noise? In this podcast, Michael takes turns cycling through all the social platforms to share tactics and tips from anything around generating social media traffic, creating videos, tools for twitter, persuasive ad copy, and more. 

As a consistent reader of Social Media Examiner's blog, I love knowing there is another resource they have for those looking to hone their social media skills.

Some must-listen-to articles from the podcast include:

13. The Salesman Podcast

the-salesman-podcast.jpgAlthough this is a more sales oriented podcast, I do not find the techniques this podcast shares to be solely for those who consider themselves in a sales role. There are still many client-facing marketers who's duty it is to gauge whether or not the client is pleased with the work you're putting out. When you know they are, this enables you to look for opportunities to further expand the work you do for them.

With that in mind, I believe The Salesman Podcast is an excellent audio resource that gives you actionable tips every week from topics around closing more business, influence techniques, sales leadership, challenger sale, and goal setting.

Will Barron, the host, also interviews leading sales experts such as Tim Ferriss, Bill Burr, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

If you’re looking to jump right in, these episodes are great to start with:

14. Killer Innovations


No podcast should be classified under the 'marketing' keyword solely because they talk about topics such as conversion rate optimization, email marketing, increasing leads, etc. Creativity and design are also important characteristics that can help fuel new ideas and innovations, ones that could take your strategies or products to the next level.

In the Killer Innovations podcast, Phil Mckinney, former CTO of HP, dive into the ways to harness your creative genius to help propel yourself, and your careers, to success. Each guest on the podcast come sharing real-world advice from their own experiences to reveal the secrets to their innovative natures and creativity.

Here are some episodes to get your brain pumping with ideas:

Bonus: Creator’s Block

creator's-block-podcast.jpgDuring some of the moments when you are supposed to be the most creative, you feel this wall inside your head form and you find yourself struggling to even get past the most basic tasks.

The dreaded creator’s block.

But the last thing you want is a little stalled thinking to stop those creative juices from flowing. One awesome avenue to relieve your struggles is the Creator’s Block podcast, hosted by IMPACT’s Jessie-Lee Nichols, Marcella Jalbert, and Liz Murphy. Each week, the group discusses tactics to help you stay motivated, crush your writing and creative projects, and tips to increase your productivity.

If your looking to get a taste of what the podcast has to offer, listen to some of these awesome episodes:

15. TEDTalks Business


If you don’t already spend your nights watching at least one TedTalk video a night, then you have to at least get yourself subscribed to their iTunes podcast.

But, for those of you new to TED Business brand, they specialize in bringing some of the world's most influential entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts to the stage to give their tips, real-world experience, and advice for those looking to succeed.

If your looking to listen to what some of the most famous innovators have to say, then start diving into some of these notable episodes:

What are you listening to?

As quickly as marketing evolves, podcasts have seriously improved my ability to stay on top of things. Some of the team listen in their car on the way to work (I personally like singing to my steering wheel), while others listen while doing laundry, or hitting the gym.

With most of these ranging 20-30 minutes, you can totally carve out a little extra time to always be improving, and who knows, you may even gain valuable insight into how to start your own podcast.

Are there any other podcasts I should check out? What did I miss? Drop a comment and perhaps we can do a follow up post.

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