The World Class Communication Workshop

Thursday, October 24th

9:00 AM-4:00 PM
(Lunch included)

470 James Street, Suite 10, New Haven, CT

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The ability to effectively and efficiently communicate, earn trust, and then move listeners to action is a powerful skill.

Without it, our ideas aren’t heard, our intentions are misunderstood, and our goals fall by the wayside.

Whether you’re speaking to a room of people or to a single person, when you know how to inform and guide people to make discoveries on their own, you can better motivate them to really hear you.

We call this World Class Communication.

What is the World Class Communication Workshop?

The World Class Communication Workshop was developed by Marcus Sheridan, a sought-after keynote speaker who has inspired and communicated with thousands of people worldwide. Pulling from his years of experience as a speaker, Marcus developed this immersive workshop designed to change the way business leaders listen, respond, and drive others to action.

The result is a highly interactive full-day experience, teaching business executives and managers the art of communicating at a deep, meaningful level, from the everyday discussions to boardroom presentations.

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Who Should Attend the World Class Communication Workshop?

This workshop is perfect for:

  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Business Owners
  • Leadership Teams

Teams that have gone through WCC training together have reported:

  • meetings (both internal and external) are more efficient
  • work relationships are stronger
  • staff is better aligned with one another
  • sales close faster

In fact, every member of the IMPACT team has been trained in WCC and has seen lasting, positive results, both with one another, with clients, and with those at home. Feel free to ask any IMPACTer about what WCC has changed for them!

What will you learn at the World Class Communication Workshop?

  • “Yes, And”: In our everyday meetings and conversations, how do we navigate difficult situations and deal with conflict? We turn each one of these perceived “negative” moments into a positive.
  • Law of Three: Communication isn’t a one-sided process. When you understand the intention or the resistance of the person with whom you’re speaking, you can better frame your message. How can you dig deeper into a conversation to get to the heart of what the other person is really saying?
  • The Columbus Principle: How can you use questions to not just engage your coworker, prospect, or team, but also help them to discover truths for themselves, without you telling it to them first? When you lead them down a path of self-discovery, they’ll not only remember what you’ve taught them, they’ll own it.

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Is the World Class Communication Workshop Right for You?

If you can relate to any of the following then there is a place for you at the WCC Workshop on October 24:

  • I’d like to be more confident when speaking.
  • I’m afraid of speaking in front of people.
  • I get nervous when I have to have “hard” conversations.
  • I’m comfortable speaking but have trouble closing deals in person.
  • I have trouble speaking “on the fly.” I don’t feel sure of my words without writing a script.
  • It’s difficult for me to stay on track when I speak.


Full-day WCC Workshop (lunch included): $500 per person

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