Video Marketing Workshop

Learn how to create videos for your business that captivate, educate, and drive results.

You Know the Value of Video. You're Ready for the Next Step.

Fifty-two percent of marketers say they see the best ROI from video content, and you're ready to count yourself among them. 

Our video marketing workshop is an on-site, in-person training that can last either one or two days, depending on the needs of your team. Your trainer will teach you the most important techniques to help you master video production, video marketing strategy, and on-camera performance.


Through Your Video Marketing Workshop, You Will:

  • Understand the kinds of videos that affect your bottom line -- not just marketing and sales;
  • Learn the magic formula for creating videos that educate and entertain, meaning they'll rank in search; and
  • Be comfortable both behind the camera and in front of it, so you'll project confidence and inspire trust.

Also, each of our video marketing workshops will have a plan included for follow-up calls with your trainer, so you can ask questions and get feedback. 


Is a Video Marketing Workshop Right for You?

If you understand the value of video in sales and marketing, and want to be the best educators in your space, you should consider an IMPACT video marketing workshop. Additionally, the best fit companies typically share these qualities:

  • You have multiple people on your marketing team, with a videographer and a content manager. 
  • Your leaders are bought into video marketing. (Bonus points if you're the leader with the vision for video that you want to share with the rest of your team.)
  • Finally, you generate approximately $1 million in revenue per year.

Our workshops aren't for everyone, but we will be honest with you and tell you if that's the case before you make a commitment. Our goal is to bring long-term value to your organization. So, if we don't believe that will be true with you, we won't waste your time.


How Much Does a Video Marketing Workshop Cost?

A typical workshop usually runs in the range of $7,500 to $12,500, but the cost of your workshop will depend on a variety factors, including length of the workshop and travel costs.

We know it sounds easier to hire someone to do it for you. But instead of spending much more on a video production company to film a handful of videos with a limited shelf-life, invest in this training for your team, so they can create captivating video content for years to come. 

Video has the potential to generate millions in revenue for your company -- but you have to be willing to learn. 

Meet Zach Basner, Your Trainer

Zach Basner

Video Marketing Consultant (and host of Video Review Live)

As the video marketing trainer at IMPACT, Zach assists companies in generating their video content in-house and guides them through developing professional production techniques. Zach is also the host of Video Review Live, a weekly Facebook Live series. Every video tells a story, and Zach works to uncover how you should tell yours.

Spaces fill up fast, so don’t wait! Learn more or reserve your video marketing workshop here!