Get Started With Video Marketing

Start creating impressive video content that gets results.
Video is quickly becoming the most consumed media type on the internet.

Almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store, according to Google. That means you need need to get on board with video marketing -- and we want to help make that easy.

Available in one or two-day options (depending on your needs), these in-person video workshops have been fine-tuned over the last 18 months to give your team the professional techniques and communication principles they need to not only build a lively video culture, but build confidence in front of the camera and produce finished videos your audience will watch and love.

Through your video workshop, you'll learn how to:
  • Make make the irresistible video content your audience is looking for.
  • Create compelling intros that hook your viewers.
  • Keep your visitor's attention and drive engagement.
  • Be likeable (and comfortable) in front of the video camera.
  • Unlock the potential of your camera and create great shots.
  • And much more!

Meet the Trainers

George B Thomas

HubSpot & Inbound Accredited Trainer

As an HubSpot & Inbound Marketing Trainer at IMPACT, George’s daily contributions include inbound strategy and design, HubSpot Intensive Training Workshops, virtual trainings, speaking at conferences, content marketing, and social media marketing as well as business management and development. 

Zach Basner

Video Marketing Consultant (and host of Video Review Live)

As the video marketing trainer at IMPACT, Zach assists companies in generating their video content in-house and guides them through developing professional production techniques. Zach is also the host of Video Review Live, a weekly Facebook Live series. Every video tells a story, and Zach works to uncover how you should tell yours.

Spaces fill up fast, so don’t wait! Learn more or reserve your video marketing workshop here!