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May 18, 2019

Chatbots & Retail, Google Discover Ads, & Finding Your Core Values...This Is THE LATEST!

The time is here. Winter has come and gone and the series finale of Game Of Thrones is just days away.

Although I am sad to see it end, I am more disappointed to be losing the amazing Monday morning memes that season 8 has brought us. 

These memes have become more engrained in GOT-fan culture than hating notorious series villain Cersei Lannister. 


They've united and delighted fans everywhere; similar to how your company's core values can unite your team...

❤️ How to Find Your Company's Core Values

We have them. So does HubSpot, Airbnb, and Sony -- but core values don't just fall out of thin air. Determining your company's core values can be one of the most time-consuming, but important projects you take on. They can shape your culture, guide your hiring, and truly lay the foundation for your future success, but how do you find them? Our VP of Talent, Natalie Davis, shares four steps IMPACT took to find its core values and offers advice on how you can find yours.

🔎 Google Wants Discover Ads to Help Buyers Find The Products They Need Before They Know They Need Them

As inbound marketers, we always preach that you should only market to people when they are ready and searching for solutions, but let's face it, people are odd creatures. Sometimes, we don't know a problem exists until it's too late or know what we need to fix it until it's right in front of us. That's why Google thinks Discover Ads are needed. We dive into this new Google Ad offering and what it could mean for your marketing.

🤖  Juniper Research Believes Chatbots and A.I. Can Help Shake Up Online Retail 

Personally, I love walking into a store, strolling aisles, and getting to touch and feel the products I'm buying, but considering the popularity of online shopping, I may be in the minority. Arguably one of the few leg-ups brick-and-mortar retailers have on online retailers today is customer service, but according to new data from Juniper Research, chatbots and artificial intelligence may just change that in the near future.


👀 ... When You're All Ears (& Eyes) 

🎉  Weekend Nonsense


Ann Handley once wrote that everything the touches is content and I know I quote this all the time, but every day, I believe it more and more.

Just look at this quirky campaign of skincare brand Olay.

When we think of content, we may think video, a blog article, maybe a social media post, copy on a poster even -- but have you ever thought of a Broadway musical?

A few weeks ago, Olay produced a one-night-only live musical (starring beloved actress and comedian, Ana Gasteyer) in New York City centered around skincare and, while hilarious, it was ultimately one long piece of branded content. If you've got an hour this weekend and you're a theater nut like me, you need to give it a watch:


Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 3.03.34 PM

It just goes to show you that literally anything can be turned into marketing content, people. So, don't hold back!