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September 27, 2018

Snapchat & Amazon Team Up, Fighting the Resistance (Against Sales Training), Time Management and More...This Is the Latest!

Happy Thursday, friends!

SO much has happened this week (and I'm not just talking about the Season 3 premiere of This Is Us ). Here's The Latest from the tech and marketing world...


Search & Shop on Amazon in a Snap -- Literally

On the heels of Instagram's shoppable stories, Snapchat announced that they're testing a new, super smart feature that will let you use the app's native camera to identify objects/products then buy them on Amazon. Crazy, right? Tell me more.


Fight the Resistance -- Against Sales Training!

People are usually pretty resistant to change, so why should changing procedures be any different? In this article from DMTraining, we'll dive into the three biggest reasons your sales team is likely resisting training and how you can overcome them. Here's how.


New Sales Tools to Help You Close More Deals, Faster with HubSpot [VIDEO]

HubSpot's invested a ton into product development recently and some of the most exciting advancements can be seen in the Sales Enterprise Hub. Here's what you need to know. 

... More Music to Your Ears:

Save The Date:

  • More HUGs to Be Had! Thanks to everyone who joined us at the CT HUGs so far this week! We've got two more you can catch: Annapolis, MD (9/27 -- Thursday!)Plus, Chicago's Next Tuesday! (10/2)
  • Learn How to Master Facebook Ads Today! Learn how to grow your business with Facebook Ads (even if you suck at them now!) with Needls.' Tim Paige in this live webinar on 9/27! Save your seat here. (From an agency? You'll want this one.)
  • Better Your Connecticut Business! On Wednesday, 10/17, Join the Connecticut BBB and five speakers from IMPACT for the Better Business Summit! Get your tickets.

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