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October 4, 2018

YouTube Ad Extensions, California's Net Neutrality, and Data "Nutrition" Labels...This Is the Latest!

Happy Thursday, Sunshine!

Big updates and a bit of scandal are in the air of the business & marketing world right now. My girl, Shonda, would be mighty proud. 😎

Here's The Latest...


YouTube Ads Are About to Give Vidyard & Wistia Some Competition

Until now, marketers' best options for capturing leads off video were platforms like Vidyard or Wistia, but with the new extensions announced by YouTube, ads on their videos will allow for more direct action & deeper engagement than ever before. Here's the scoop.


California's Taking on the Feds Over Net Neutrality

Despite its federal repeal last year, many are still fighting to keep net neutrality alive. This week, the state of California (that lovable tech hub) passed its own law to keep it in place, but it won't last long if the government has anything to say about it. Tell Me More. 


Data's Getting a "Nutrition" Label of Its Own!

Just like many of us check food labels to decide what to eat, marketers may soon be able to check out data transparency labels to help them make better decisions about who they advertise and work with. Here's what's in the works

... More Music to Your Ears:

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Boom! You're all caught up.

Are you excited about YouTube's new extensions? Will California's law hold up? Hit reply and let me know your thoughts! (Or if you have any on The Latest overall, send those over too.😀

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