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October 25, 2018

Nebraska's Not for Everyone, Facebook's Introducing Attribution, and Yes, You ARE a Badass!

Hey, friends, did you miss me?

Of course, you did! Unexpectedly out for two weeks, I was quickly reminded that I missed a lot. Another Facebook scandal, the return of the Palm Pilot... We always joke about how much changes in marketing every day, but yikes. This industry clearly waits for no one (not even one of its favorite people, like me 😋). 

So, let's not fall behind. Here's The Latest ...


Honestly, Nebraska Just Got A Lot Cooler. 

It may seem counterintuitive to share shortcomings in your marketing, but that's exactly what the Nebraska Tourism Commission had in mind. In this piece, IMPACT Account Exec, Dakota, dives into how the state's latest campaign is using humble words to set realistic expectations & attract the right visitors. Here's why honesty's the best policy (even in marketing).


Finally! You're Going to Know if Your Facebook Ads Are Actually Working.

We've seen the click-throughs and impressions, but knowing if those Facebook ads of yours were really bringing in the big bucks hasn't been as easy -- until now. Iris from our team details how Facebook's finally introducing native attribution so you can more clearly see how ads affect your bottomline and which are working. This is everything you need to know so far.


24 Questions to a High-Performer! 

Fact: Your business is only as strong as the people working in (and on) it. That means you need to be asking the right questions in your hiring process to truly find the highest performing talent for the job. In this article, our VP of Marketing, Kathleen shares 24 to help the unicorns come out of hiding. See the Full List of Interview Questions Here.

... More Music to Your Ears 🎶

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Phew! It feels good to be back in the know, doesn't it?

But, I mean, if it doesn't, please don't sugar coat it. 

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