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October 18, 2018

Google+ Rises from the Dead, Blog Conclusions Just Got Easier, & DuckDuckGo Doesn't Care About Your Search History ...This Is The Latest!

Yesterday, I bought myself a little plaque for my desk that says, "Nothing messes up your Friday more than realizing it's Wednesday." In fact, two days ago, I told someone, "Man, I can't believe it's only Wednesday," only to have them pause, put their hand on my shoulder, and say, "Liz, it's only Tuesday." ðŸ™

We've all had those days or weeks, right? Where the "simple" tasks on your to do list are the ones that take the longest and the news is always disappointing.

When I catch myself getting exasperated in those moments, I remind myself that, sometimes, you've gotta slow down to speed up ... and that a story about Google+ making a comeback may not be such a bad thing after all.

Here's The Latest ...


Guess Who's Back, Back Again? Google+ Is Back, Tell a Friend ...

My brother used to say, "Google+ is the home of the future no one will ever want to move into." I would love to repeat that now, with gusto, in the face of Google's most recent announcement that Google+ is back from the dead for enterprise users. However, Google has made an unexpectedly compelling case for the potential usefulness of Google+ by organizations that leverage the Google Suite of products. Learn about Google+'s second lease on life and what it could mean for you.


Here's How to Make Writing Blog Conclusions Ridiculously Easy

The only thing worse than writing an introduction for your content is writing the conclusion. Content is my job and still, even I sometimes just want to write, "That's all, folks!" and then shove my readers out the metaphorical door, like someone who has lingered too long at a party and isn't getting the hint that it's time to go. If you also struggle to find a way to wrap your blog articles up with a nice happy bow that leaves people feeling inspired by how smart you are, this article is for you. This is my secret blueprint for writing blog conclusions that aren't garbage every single time.DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo Talks a Big Game, But Is It All It's Quacked Up to Be for Marketers?

"OK, which tech giant has compromised my private data this time?" That's how I feel every single time I turn on the news, given how prevalent data breeches are. But in a world where giants like Google and Facebook routinely let us down with security concerns and questionable handling of privacy issues, DuckDuckGo is attempting to rise above it all, as a search engine that does not track and profile its users. And with 30 million daily searches, should you be optimizing your content to get found on DuckDuckGo?