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February 9, 2019

Instagram's New Quiz Sticker, Reddit's New CPC Ads, & Facebook's Newfound Transparency...This Is THE LATEST!

Earlier this week, Liz shared with you that she hates change and, well, that's one of the many things she and I have in common. 

Don't get me wrong. I love trying new restaurants, visiting new places, and buying new clothes, but when it comes to new technology and tactics, I tend to be a bit of a skeptic.


If it's not broken, why fix it, am I right?

Plot twist: No, I'm not. (Which is very unusual for me.)

Below, I've got three stories about big changes coming to some of the most popular marketing tools/platforms available to us today, and I've got to say, they sound pretty exciting. 

 Instagram Stories Just Got Even More Engaging With a New Poll/Quiz Sticker

Viewed by over 500 million users each day, Instagram Stories is one of the most engaging social media channels available today. Now, thanks to the rumored new Quiz Sticker, its about to get even more engaging! The new Quiz Sticker will enable brands to gather audience feedback, promote new products or events, and pose questions to better understand what their audiences want. Here's everything we know so far about Instagram's New Quiz Sticker and how marketers can capitalize on it. 

💰  Reddit is Introducing CPC -- Its First-Ever Performance-Driven Ad Offering

Previously only having access to cost-per-impression (CPM) and cost-per-view (CPV) on Reddit, marketers and advertisers will now have the option to pay only if a user actually clicks their ads thanks to the platform's new CPC (or cost-per-click) option. This addition puts Reddit in the same arena as big players like Facebook and Google, but should you take advantage? We dive deeper into how the new Reddit ads will work and whether or not they make sense for your brand in this article. 

🤔  Facebook is Preparing to Finally Answer the Question, "Why Am I Seeing This?"

Ever seen an ad pop up on your Facebook feed and wonder, "why the heck am I seeing this?" Well, soon, you and your audience will wonder no more. On February 28, Facebook is rolling out a new feature the dubbed "Custom Audience transparency feature" to tell users how advertisers got their information and if it has been shared with other brands. IMPACT Account Executive Kristin Linde details what this could mean for the future of your Facebook advertising in her latest article.

👀 ... When You're All Ears (& Eyes) 

🔥 Hot off the Presses!

  • Marketing Interview Questions for Hiring Top-Performers: In this piping hot pillar piece, VP of Marketing Kathleen Booth and VP of Services Brie Rangel not only tell you what questions you should ask to find top-performing marketers, but they also pull back the curtain on how we’ve revamped our own hiring processes to attract the talent we’re looking for, decrease turnover, and increase client satisfaction.

  • Content Marketing Defined, the Ultimate Getting Started Guide: Content Marketing Consultant Kevin Phillips wants to help you grow your business in a digital world. So, in this guide, he cover topics such as what content marketing is, what it’s not, the many faces of content marketing, how to get started with content marketing today, and how it differs from other forms of marketing.

  • How to Create a Winning Multi-Brand Strategy: Mergers and acquisitions happen constantly, and there is plenty of talk about how businesses should manage the process. But there is very little information available on how to manage the messaging and marketing strategy that goes along with it. Principal Strategist Stacy Willis aims to change that with this guide.

📅  Save The Date!

  • Start Creating Quality Marketing Videos on Your Own! IMPACT and Wipster are teaming up to give you the tools to produce top-notch videos in-house and create a video strategy from scratch. Curious about how to do it for yourself? Check out the teaser video for the February 14 webinar. (It’s one of our favorites!)
  • Website Throwdown Valentine's Edition: On next Thursday's Website Throwdown, Sigstr’s Director of Marketing Brad Beutler jumps in the ring to help us critique some viewer-submitted websites live on the air. Think yours has what it takes? Submit it for the chance to appear on the show by Monday February 11! Or if you’d rather be a spectator, you can save your seat.

  • Chicago, Liz is Coming for You! You read that correctly -- on February 20, my partner in content crime, Liz Murphy, will be joining the folks at the Chicago HUG for a hands-on, intensive, super-fun content strategy workshop all about pillar content and topic clusters. Space is very limited for this event, and preference will be given to those who have an inbound certification. So, register for this meet-up now! 

🎉  Weekend Nonsense


Hulu and Netflix both recently released documentaries on the Fyre Festival fiasco of 2017 and, seriously, if you haven't seen them already, you need to get on that.

Capitalizing on the trend, Shutterstock released a hilarious spoof of the festival's now infamous promo video made entirely out of stock footage. It may be the greatest thing I've seen all week.


See you next week!