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June 20, 2019

Takeaways from the 2019 Internet Trends Report, Google Calendar Outage Tweets, & the Value of Industry Outsiders ...This Is THE LATEST! 

Everybody! Rock your body! Liz is back! (Alright!)


As expected, I missed you guys last week. But Stephanie's takeover of THE LATEST in my absence was spectacular.

Also, I had a lot of fun teaching Maryland breweries about effective brand storytelling strategies at the Brewers Association of Maryland Technical Summit at Mt. Hood College...


...and a post-event happy hour at one of my favorite local breweries is certainly a nice perk! 

Lucky for me, as a (somewhat) reformed high school theater nerd and avid teacher of all things content, my outing with Maryland brewers won't be the only time I'm taking the stage this year.

In fact, if you're one of the business leaders and marketing pros who will be attending IMPACT Live this August, you'll see me there. On stage.

My goals as an IMPACT Live '19 speaker are pretty simple -- first, I intend to wow you with all of the content goodness in my brain. Second, I will not fall down. (Last year went pretty well in both categories, so I'm feeling pretty good!) 

I've got a lot of time to prepare, so I can meet both of those goals at IMPACT Live -- but I have a sneaking suspicion August will also be here before I know it, so I better hop to it. 

In the meantime, here's what you need to do -- get your tickets to IMPACT Live, which is an unforgettable two-day immersive event for digital marketing and sales rockstars who want to grow their business and their careers. And don't forget to use code LATEST100 to get $100 off your ticket!

Then, dive into all of the juicy articles below. They'll make you smarter. (Or, in the case of the first one, you'll at least laugh a little.) 

🔥 Google Calendar Went Down & Here Are 19 Hysterical Tweets About It Being the End of Days

On Tuesday morning, my professional world came to a screeching halt -- as it did for hundreds of thousands of other Google Calendar users around the world. Why? Google Calendar, the unsinkable Titanic of the internet, actually went down for three hours. So, since I had no idea where I was supposed to be, who I was supposed to talk to, or at what time I needed to meet anyone, I went to Twitter and gathered 19 of the funniest tweets I could find about the Google Calendar outage -- because misery loves company

🤓 Hiring an Industry Outsider for Your Content Marketing Team Might Be the Best Decision You Make  

Some of the best content management hires we've seen are those who come from outside of the industry they're hired into. Now, we can reinforce this point to you, because we recently did the same when we hired John Becker, our newest editorial content associate. Prior to IMPACT, John never worked in marketing -- in fact, he's from the world of academia, with nary a buyer persona in sight. And in his first-ever article for us, John shares what content marketing value an industry outsider can bring to the table for organizations and his experience with learning about an entirely new industry

📊 [New Data] The Top 5 Takeaways from Mary Meeker's 333-Page Internet Trends Report for 2019

One of the most anticipated digital marketing trends reports has dropped -- Mary Meeker's 2019 Internet Trends Report! However, your time is limited... and let's face it, reports of this magnitude are dense. (Seriously, this bad boy clocks in at 333 pages.) So, our digital sales and marketing beat reporter, Iris Hearn, has the top five key takeaways you need to know from Mary Meeker's industry powerhouse 2019 Internet Trends Report.

👀 ... When You're All Ears (& Eyes) 

🚨 Save Your Seat

  • You don't want to miss the New Haven HUG on June 25! We're hosting TOTALLY LIVE, IN-PERSON website throwdowns! Our panel of experts will be critiquing websites from our audience and offering valuable tips and tricks to improve your site right away. Make sure to register -- and, if you dare, throw your site into the ring!
  • DigitalMarketer founder and CEO Ryan Deiss is speaking at IMPACT Live and yes, you should get excited! Ryan will be talking about the five triggers you need to add to your marketing to create more brand authority. Ryan’s joining a packed lineup of marketing superstars, including Marcus Sheridan, Mari Smith, David Cancel, David Meerman Scott, and Brian Fanzo. And don't forget to use code LATEST100 to get $100 off your ticket

⏰ Throwback Thursday

OK, all of this talk about IMPACT Live '19 has me a little too excited. But my only outlet right now is to relive the magic of last year's event. 

For example, Narrative SEO founder Franco Valentino's talk on the simple, yet powerful SEO strategies you can start using right now was probably one of my favorite talks of the event:

I'm telling you, this 13-minute talk radically changed how I think about SEO and integrate it into our content strategies at IMPACT. 

🗞️ What I'm Reading

Finally, as always, without preamble or context, here is what I'm reading this week: 

OK, time to go practice not falling down. Later, squares!