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August 22, 2019

Facebook Users Can Stop Advertisers from Targeting Them via Browsing Activity, How to Win Your Next Sales Negotiation, & Fostering Commitment from Your People ...This Is THE LATEST! 

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Being a word nerd who almost collapsed in hysterics over the recent release of a book on the history of the semicolon  my birthday is on October 26, if you're looking for gift ideas, by the way — it should come as no surprise that I have a favorite piece of punctuation. 

Original image source unknown

Meet the interrobang. 

Yes, it is a real piece of punctuation.

Yes, it is probably one of the most entertaining words you'll ever say out loud, because you'll always feel a little bit like you're shouting an inappropriate superhero name when you do. 

Isn't it just grand?

Here's what's interesting, though. The interrobang was invented in 1962 — not to solve an editorial problem, but rather an advertising one. Martin K. Spector thought advertisements would look better if copywriters could use a single mark when posing a surprised rhetorical question. 

And thus, my punctuation crush was born.❤️

You use this magical glyph when you want to ask a question in a way that expresses excitement or disbelief or, in line with its origin, when posing a boisterous rhetorical question. While most fonts don't support the interrobang — rude — good ol' Wing Dings has you covered, as does Lucida Grande.  

What does this have to do with the content below? Absolutely nothing. I simply wanted to enrich your Thursday morning with a neat piece of trivia that is near and dear to my heart. 

Now, let's get into it...

🚨 Facebook Users Can Now Stop Advertisers (Like You) from Using Their Browsing Data for Ad Targeting

Earlier this year, IMPACT reported on a new feature being developed by Facebook’s team called “Clear History.” The tool aimed to provide users more transparency and control over how their information was used in ad targeting. Now, Facebook is finally getting ready to roll out this feature under a new name: Off-Facebook Activity. In this must-read news brief, IMPACT Digital Beat Reporter Iris Hearn explains how this new privacy tool works for Facebook users, as well as how it will impact Facebook advertisers.


👀 If You Want to Win Your Next Sales Negotiation, Here Are the Exact Steps & Strategies You Need to Follow

Love it or hate it, negotiating is a fact of life. But, for some reason, many companies avoid negotiations entirely, often because they do not have a formal negotiation process in place. This is unfortunate given that companies report significantly lower net income numbers when they don't have a formal negotiation process institutionalized than those that do. Thankfully, DM Training CEO and sales expert Steve Bookbinder is here with a comprehensive breakdown of the steps and strategies you need to embrace so you can crush your next sales negotiation. 


👏 How Can Leaders Foster Commitment Instead of Compliance with Their People? 

Compliance and commitment are two very different states that leaders can seek to reach with their people. One gets us obedience, while the other gets us what’s possibleGreat organizations, however, are building movements, not lingering around in the way things have always been. And you don’t build a movement by achieving compliance. You build a movement when your people are committed. So, in this article, IMPACT COO Chris Duprey answers the question, "How do we create an environment that takes people past compliance and into commitment?" 


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⏰ Throwback Thursday

One of my favorite pieces of content we published last year was IMPACT Demand Generation Manager Myriah Anderson's Ultimate Guide to Video for Sales — a completely ungated guide that empowers sales reps and teams to immediately start using personalized video to shorten their sales cycles and close more deals.

I mean, just look at this table of contents... 😍

video for sales guide

If you're not a video for sales fan, I still highly recommend you check it out.

This piece is an absolute master class in how to create a content pillar that leverages video to create a highly personalized and absurdly helpful experience for readers.

📚 What I'm Reading:

Finally, here's what I'm reading this week, without preamble or context:

Later, gator!