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June 22, 2019

Spotify's New Targeting, Website Design Mistakes, & They Ask, You Answer...This Is THE LATEST! 

Friends, when was the last time you did something with your team that wasn't work? And I'm not talking about that lunch or dinner meeting last week -- come on, now. 

Earlier this week, a bunch of us in the New Haven office took a little time after work to do a Paint Nite together, and my only complaint is more that more of the team wasn't there!

Not only was it a great time checking out each other's brush skills and cracking some terrible marketing jokes ("You want your trees to look organic -- like my search traffic"), but it was awesome seeing how supportive and helpful everyone was of each other, even outside of the office. 

Supporting a teammate may mean picking up an extra task while they're out on vacation or, in some weird instances, it may mean offering some encouraging words when their trees look a little less than perfect. Regardless of what form it takes, what matters is that you have each other's backs. 

That being said, we may not officially be teammates, but you know I've got your back with the latest insights...

🎧  Advertising On Spotify Is Starting to Sound Even Better (See What I Did There?)

Gosh, that was punderful, but anyway -- With podcast listening ever on the rise, advertising with them is becoming more and more attractive as well. Trying to cash in on the trend, Spotify is now offering the ability to target your ads there based on the types of podcasts listen. This promises a more relevant listening experience for users and a more refined, engaged audiences for marketers. Music to our ears... We dove into the details of the changes and why you should be excited.

👎  Designers & Marketers Are Inadvertently Making People Hate Their Sites

It's crazy, but a whopping 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout are unattractive or confusing (Part of the reason why I've never taken a liking to Reddit), and there are a lot of factors that can influence this. IMPACT Design Supervisor Jessie-Lee Nichols recently sat down to ponder what things designers might be doing that make users hate their websites. She came up these ten.

🌎  They Ask, You Answer Has Transformed Thousands of Companies All Over the World… But What Is it?

Digital sales and marketing teams that have embraced They Ask, You Answer -- a business philosophy that begins with an obsession to answer the question: “What are my customers thinking?” -- have successfully doubled (or even tripled) their annual revenue in this new digital age. Here is your primer from our Director of Web & Interactive Content, Liz Murphy, on where They Ask, You Answer came from and exactly how it works.

👀 ... When You're All Ears (& Eyes) 

🎉  Weekend Nonsense

For those of you not familiar, back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Bud Light ran a now legendary campaign called “Real Men of Genius.”

Each 60-second TV or radio ad was a hilarious tribute to men in often-overlooked accomplishments like Mr. Pro Sports Heckler and Mr. Really Bad Toupee Wearer. This summer, the beer brand resurrected the beloved campaign as "Internet Heroes of Genius" highlighting things like Social Media Manager, Person Who Accidentally Went Viral, and Person Still Using Their Middle School Email.

They're all GOLD and need to be watched, but this one for a Snapchat Lens Creator may be my favorite:

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 2.47.36 PM

Talk soon!