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September 12, 2019

New Facebook Ad Features, Video Production Agency Questions, Sales Enablement Content Types ...This Is THE LATEST! 

πŸ’― Jump Right into the Good Stuff!

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Do you ever get an idea, thought, or question stuck in your head that you wish you could un-know? I have, and it's absolute torture.

For example, as I was rushing to my train home to Maryland from South Station in Boston last week after INBOUND, I saw this sign:


I then proceeded to obsess about it for the entire six-hour train ride home. Because I'm a maniac.

But I still didn't let it go. 

In the week since, I've engaged in numerous laughter-punctuated, light-hearted conversations about the validity of this sign β€” all of which quickly devolved into heated debates, some pitting brother against brother β€” as well as whether or not the hot dog qualifies as a sandwich.

Again, because I am defective. What's more, I still don't have an answer that satisfies me.

Then, in the past 48 hours, I realized that the word "homeowner" has the word "meow" right in the middle of it β€” which means I will never be able to pronounce that word correctly ever again. I also learned that seemingly innocuous and minor inconveniences in the online buying process will cost Facebook advertisers a jaw-dropping $213 billion in lost sales this year alone

Oh, what a world we live in.

πŸ’° Learn About the 2 New Facebook Ad Features Being Tested to Improve Online Purchasing

Facebook is reportedly testing two new ad features that aim to help eliminate friction in the online buying process, helping advertisers gain more e-commerce sales from their digital ads on the platform. This is a very big deal. According to Facebook, friction in the online checkout process will cost businesses $213 billion dollars this year. In this article, IMPACT Digital Beat Reporter Iris Hearn outlines everything you need to know about these two new Facebook ad features.


🎬 If You Are Looking to Hire a Video Production Agency, Here Are the 5 Questions You Absolutely Must Ask

Most business owners β€” and even a lot of digital marketers β€” have very little subject matter expertise and experience in video production. So, making an educated decision about hiring a video production agency can be a challenge. Lucky for you, our very own Digital Sales and Marketing Advisor Marc Amigone has rounded up the five absolute essential questions you need to ask a prospective video production agency.


πŸ“ Digital Marketers: When Your Sales Team Asks for "Sales Enablement Content" This Is What They Mean

Often, there's a disconnect between the type of content sales teams desire and the content marketing teams actually end up producing. Fundamentally, sales teams want content to address common objections, questions, and concerns from buyers, so they don't have to constantly answer them during sales conversations. In short, sales wants content that results in more educated buyers. And in this article from Digital Sales and Marketing Advisor Genna Lepore, she breaks down the three types of sales enablement content your marketing teams should be creating right now.


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⏰ Throwback Thursday

Even though I can be a bit of a scared-y cat about getting in front of a camera, I'm still downright flabbergasted by how many business leaders, digital marketers, and sales pros are still resistant to embrace video. 

Whenever someone hems and haws or drags their feet about video, I love to whip out this gem from our video archives that drives home how powerful video can be:


If that doesn't excite you, I don't know what will. And if it did excite you, your next stop is to learn about The Selling 7, which are the seven types of sales and marketing videos guaranteed to get results.

☝️ One Last Thing

OK, we've talked a lot about the good, the bad, and the ugly of influencer marketing in the past. But a strange little story has captivated parts of the internet, with some even calling it their "Super Bowl."

I'm torn between rolling my eyes and grabbing my popcorn over this "scandal," but I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions. Here's the Buzzfeed overview of the rise and fall of Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway, and The Cut article that has "everyone" talking.

Ta-ta for now! πŸ˜˜