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August 17, 2019

The Problem with Agencies Creating Content, Half of Google Searches Get No Clicks, & How to Measure Communities ...This Is THE LATEST! 

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Last week, in front of 600 professionals, I fell on my face.

I literally fell on my face. Ate it. Biffed it. Face-planted. 

impact live day 1 stephanie

Let's take a step back (carefully, don't fall lol).

On the first full day of IMPACT Live 2019, Marcus Sheridan was in the middle of the room full of attendees and needed a handheld microphone.

That's me watching Marcus with some nearly NASA-level intensity during IMPACT Live.

When I heard his call, I sprinted to the back of the stage to retrieve the mic for Marcus and, as I turned around to face the audience, my foot caught the uplighting bar on the floor and took. me. down.

In that moment, ankle throbbing, face-down on the floor in front of a room full of sales and marketing professionals, I could have been completely embarrassed.

I could have frozen or given up completely β€” but I didn't. 

I jumped up and ran that microphone to Marcus without missing a beat. (Okay, maybe I missed one beat.) 

Someone who witnessed my fall in all its glorious grace told me something interesting that even I didn't realize (which also made me feel better). They said: "I went to help you but you were back on your feet before you even finished falling down."

Let's cut right to the lesson here: sometimes you will fall down. Be it metaphorically or literally, you will trip and fall. 

But if you can manage to keep your focus on your goal, you will get to where you need to go much faster. 

My sole focus was on getting Marcus that microphone as quickly as possible. That goal propelled me right back up onto my feet without a second thought. 

I've fallen many times in life and I've let some of those falls bring me to a grinding halt. Think of how I could have benefited if, instead, I let these falls propel me forward. 

So, here's to smoothly James Bond-style rolling out of your next embarrassing fall or, at the very least, not letting it get you down. 

Let's jump into some other lessons, this time about digital sales and marketing, shall we? 

✏️ Is There a Problem With the Way Agencies Traditionally Approach Content Creation for Clients?

Spoiler: Yes. There is. Despite the fact that almost all businesses accept that content creation is essential, the sad reality is that way more fail than succeed in getting results from their efforts β€” even when working with an agency. IMPACT Director of Sales & Revenue Melanie Collins is here to explain the problem with how most agencies handle content creation. 


πŸ”Ž New Report: Half of Google Searches Don’t Get Clicked

According to a recent report, 50% of Google searches don't get clicked. That means half of the time people search for things, they find the result they're looking for without clicking into a single website or ad. In this article, IMPACT Director of Partnerships Vin Gaeta breaks down all the details of this study and what it means for sales and marketing teams.


πŸ“Š How to Measure & Score the Success of Your Customer Community

As a marketer, I'm always interested in ways to prove what I'm doing is working. As a community manager, I can tell you that communities are notoriously difficult to measure. Preetish Panda, Marketing Manager at Tribe, shared three very specific and useful ways to measure the success of your community. 


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πŸ˜‚ Weekend Nonsense

I've seen this around the internet a couple of times this week but still can't stop laughing at it. Ridiculous? Genius? I'll let you decide.

employee of the month

Thanks for hanging out with me on this Saturday morning. Next week it's back to your regularly scheduled Liz Murphy. Until next time, see you in Elite