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March 30, 2019

Google AMP Comes to Email, Content Managers Are a Must, & Social Proof in 2019...This Is THE LATEST!

I have a big birthday coming up next month (that I dare not speak the number of) and while the practical side of me knows age is just a number and I will feel exactly the same after the calendar page turns, the superficial, dramatic side of me is freaking out. 

I will be a year older and entering a new decade -- will I ever be the same? Will anything be the same? Excuse me for a moment:


💌  Google Amp Is Coming to Email and Your Go-To Marketing Tactic Will Never Be the Same!

I don't know about you, but for a longgg time, I've wished email marketing could be more lively. I've wanted it to include embedded video, maybe have a live poll or survey. (Seriously, I wasted my last three birthday candles on that one, so far.) Well, now that Google has announced AMP email, my dreams may finally come true! This week, Google announced that AMP technology, originally introduced for website pages, will now be coming to Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Mail.Ru users. We detail what this will look like and how marketers can use it to start sending better email as soon as possible. 

✍🏾  Whether You Accept it or Not, Your Company Needs a Content Manager.

After over four years in this role, take my word for it: being a content manager is no cake walk. It's honestly more like a fire walk -- scary, sometimes painful if you're not in the right mindset, but ridiculously rewarding when you're done. I don't want to toot my or any other content professional's horn, but a content manager is an integral piece of any blogging strategy's success. Don't believe me? Our very own Liz Murphy (a former content manager herself), shares some harsh truths about why you need to hire a content manager if you haven't already and the dangers if you don't.

👵🏽  This Ain't Your Grandma's Social Proof. Here's What's Changed in 2019.  

Whether it's a review on Amazon, an unboxing video on YouTube, a case study on a business' website, social proof is a powerful thing. It's been around for centuries in various forms, but that doesn't mean your strategy from back then is still going to cut it. Proof's Head of Content, Ben Johnson, dives into three big ways social proof has changed in 2019 and how your brand can plan accordingly.

👀 ... When You're All Ears (& Eyes) 

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🔥 Hot Off The Presses

I could tell you all about our latest pillar, but I'd much rather let its beyond brilliant author, Stephanie Baiocchi, do that herself:

"Since joining IMPACT 12 months ago, I have grown IMPACT Elite from 1,500 members to nearly 5,000 and, in that time, I've learned a lot. This 14,000+ word guide brings together those lessons, insight from other experienced community managers, and inspiration from some of my favorite online communities. Check out the definitive playbook for online community management."

🎉  Weekend Nonsense

Remember the genius Dollar Shave Club that took the internet by storm a few years ago? Well, a similarly amazing video recently graced my Facebook feed that I can't help but share, this week. 

This product video from skincare line No BS is nearly five minutes long, but with its humor, straightforward language, and colorful production, it keeps you engaged and wanting more.

Not only does it showcase the brand and its differentiators, but speaks to many consumer pain points, tells you how their product works, and shares social proof. Brilliant example for us all!

See you next week!