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March 3, 2020

Google's big change to its 'nofollow' policy, what to ask a video marketing consultant before you hire them, and what we mean when we say DSMW is for teams ...this is THE LATEST!

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I missed y'all so much this past Saturday, but clearly you were in good hands with my pal Stephanie.

Plus, in my defense, I was a little busy.


You see, early on Saturday morning, fellow Marylander, loyal friend, and IMPACT Paid Media Specialist Jason Linde and I loaded up my entire life in a U-haul and the back of my Jeep and hit the road for New England. 

It's a drive I've made many times before. For trips just to see the IMPACT family, for IMPACT Live last year, and so on. 


Driving through New Jersey and New York City is the worst, but this is probably one of my favorite views along this route. Swoon, the skyline gets me every time.

But on this particular occasion, when I crossed from New York into Connecticut, the Nutmeg State wasn't welcoming me as a visitor... 


...instead, I'm now an official resident of Connecticut. 

That's right. After lots and lots of planning — and a ton of frantic, last-minute packing on Thursday and Friday — I'm finally here. 

There's one big stupid problem about moving as an adult, though.

Not only do I now live in a precariously balanced box fort of a one bedroom apartment (wherein injury of some kind is a foregone conclusion), I'm also faced with the seemingly overwhelming task of going through all of the emails, Slacks, Basecamp messages, smoke signals, carrier pigeons, and delivery owls I missed while I was out of the office. 

Which brings me to a little gift that I have for y'all.

Although I'm (likely) the only one who was missing in action last week due to moving, I'm guessing a few of you still may have missed the early-bird pricing deadline for Digital Sales & Marketing World that passed on February 29. 

So, as an exclusive perk for being a subscriber of THE LATEST, you can use promo code "THELATEST" to still get access to early-bird pricing for Digital Sales & Marketing World — but only through THIS FRIDAY at 11:59 p.m. Eastern

Don't say I never did anything nice for you. 😘

👉 "What do we need to know about Google's major shift in how they handle 'nofollow' links?" (2-minute read)

Late last week, reporting emerged that Google was penalizing guest posts — a very common practice for most digital publications and businesses that blog. This was due to a major change in how the search engine giant now treats what are called "nofollow" links. Even if you were "today years old" when you first heard the term "nofollow," trust me when I say this is a juicy tidbit of SEO news every single digital marketer with a content strategy needs to understand. Thankfully, we've got you covered with this two-minute rundown from IMPACT Digital Beat Reporter Dylan Lepak that will teach you exactly what nofollow links are, why they are so important, and everything you need to know about this big change from Google

💬 You asked, we answered 

👉 "What questions should we ask a potential video marketing consultant before we hire them for our company?" (10-minute read)

Full disclosure, video marketing consulting is one of the services we offer. So, sure, we might be a little biased in suggesting it’s the best way to become confident and competent in creating internal video. That being said, we also know every agency or consultant isn’t right for every business. So, how do you make sure you hire the right consultant for the job? In this no-stone-unturned analysis from IMPACT Lead Strategic Consultant Chris Marr, you'll get the inside scoop on the nine essential questions you must ask a video marketing consultant before hiring them to see if they are the right fit for you.

💬 You asked, we answered

👉 "Why do you keep saying Digital Sales & Marketing World is for teams? What does that mean?" (4-minute read)

All too often, sales professionals go to sales conferences, and marketers go to marketing conferences. When they return to the office, the respective takeaways and resolutions each individual group is excited about rarely get implemented because it’s near-impossible to transfer knowledge between teams to ignite true business transformation. IMPACT envisioned an event that would break this cycle. An event attended by multiple people from multiple teams. In this interview with IMPACT CEO Bob Ruffolo, learn exactly why we pivoted our flagship event to cater to teams, rather than individual marketers, and why that will only increase the value businesses get from the event.

💬 You asked, we answered 

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🎉 ICYMI #DSMW2020 summit agendas are out!

This year at Digital Sales & Marketing World, we are introducing role-specific and industry-specific breakout summits. Check out the in-depth agendas for info about each summit. (In a surprise to no one, yours truly will be hanging out at the content managers summit.)

Talk to y'all later this week! 👋