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April 25, 2019

Early Stage Tools, Google's True Feelings On Links, & Surviving Organizational Breakpoints...This Is THE LATEST!

Last week, I shared that I am a creature of habit. What you don't know is how much of a HUGE problem this used to be.

As a child, I watched the same movies every single day (no joking -- my mother had to hide the tapes), insisted on wearing the same outfits, and I never tried new foods.

Don't worry, all that is thankfully behind me, but I will say sometimes my skepticism and reluctance to try new things makes a small reappearance when it comes to marketing tools...

🔨  These 4 Marketing Tools May Be New, But There Are Huge Benefits to Being An Early Adopter

Many are reluctant to invest time and money in new tools until they're tried-and-true and there's practical reasoning behind this. However, this month's edition of IMPACT Toolbox just may change that! IMPACT front-end developer Morgan Vanderleest is back with four early stage marketing tools with huge business potential that are worth trying out now.

🔍  SEO Trivia Time!


Stumped?  Find the answer and what it has to do with Google's stance on links and search rank!

🤔  Are Your Processes Equipped to Scale With Your Business?

Not all processes are meant to last forever. As your organization scales and evolves, the structures and procedures that have made it successful to that point may not be what it needs to get further. When this happens, my friend, you have yourself an organizational breakpoint. IMPACT's VP of Client Services, Brie Rangel, reflects on the breakpoints we've faced  first-hand, how we survived, and how you can too. 

👀 ... When You're All Ears (& Eyes) 

🚨 Save Your Seat

  • Learn How to Create a Complete Video Marketing Strategy on May 7! You’ve committed to creating compelling videos that inform your audience and generate sales like crazy. But now what? How do you get your video in front of the right eyes? What platforms will allow you -- and your audience -- to get the most out of your videos? Join Vidyard’s Jesse Ariss and IMPACT’s Zach Basner for an hour on May 7, when they show you how to create a complete video marketing strategy and start converting engaged viewers into paying customers!

⏰ Throwback Thursday

Easter may be behind us, but thanks to the internet, we can enjoy Easter Eggs all year-round. Check out this fun throwback article sharing 17 of the Best Internet Easter Eggs you've got to see!