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July 30, 2019

How to 6X Your Sales Pipeline, Content Creation for Website Redesign Projects, & the Funniest #SlackDown Tweets ...This Is THE LATEST! 

πŸ’― Jump Right Into the Good Stuff!
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On the one hand, I know I should be putting forward an image of myself that is polished, on top of things, and in no way frazzled in an email newsletter that is sent to literally tens of thousands of growth-focused digital marketers and business leaders.

On the other hand... I can't lie to you. We're too close for that.

I've been more productive than ever in the past two weeks, and I'm feeling exceptionally accomplished. However, I'm far from polished and on top of things. In fact, I'm a total hot mess express right now. (I'm not at a "random salad dressing bottles of my desk" level of chaos, though. So, I guess that's one for the win column.) 

Which is why I tweeted this on Friday:

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 2.41.04 PM

Sounds weird, I know. But don't knock it until you've tried it.

Anyway, I ended up working through a good portion of this weekend, but I did make it a point to relax and unplug periodically for some "me time." So, when I got to Monday morning, I was feeling focused, refreshed, and totally ready to take on the world.

Little did I know, I was lying to myself.

In reality, I was mere hours away from throwing a tiny temper tantrum.

First, Slack went down. Then I couldn't edit any of the Google documents I was working on β€” I kept getting an "unable to load" error. For hours. And finally, the completely inconsequential straw that broke the camel's back, HubSpot wouldn't load the performance metrics for a blog article we had published. 

Since I'm a totally rational adult, I immediately turned to Pumpkin (my cat) and yelled, "Did you do this? Why did you do this? Why are you trying to ruin my life?!"

After a few minutes, I remembered that cats don't control the internet. (Or do they?) And eventually, I recovered and moved on.

I know this story is not special. I know every single one of you has had your own version of a "I'm a fully-grown adult blaming my cat for work technology mishaps!" moment at some point. I just wish there was a fortune cookie-ready lesson I could share with you that wraps up this story with a nice big bow.

Sadly, there isn't. Bad days happen. You just have to suck it up, remind yourself of the big goal you're working toward and make it to tomorrow.

Now, here's a pug in a tiny hat and overalls to make up for my lack of wisdom.

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I was today-years-old when I learned about how powerful buyer intent data can be. But it's a dense topic. Who is buyer intent data right for? Where does it come from? What kind of data can you expect to find? How are other companies using it? How much does it really cost? Good news! LeadSift founder Tukan Das answers all of these questions in this not-to-be-missed interview. Listen to (or read) this episode of the Inbound Success Podcast to learn everything you need to know about buyer intent data and how it can exponentially increase the size of your sales pipeline.


β›” Did You Know the #1 Website Redesign Project Timeline Killer Is Content Creation?

If you've ever redesigned your company's website or you're planning to in future, this is a must-read interview. IMPACT Website Strategist Stacy Willis has seen it all when it comes to website redesigns β€” and time and again, she's seen too many teams make the same mistake when planning out their project timeline. They vastly underestimate the time and resources required to produce the website content necessary to drive traffic, leads, and sales. In this interview, Stacy takes off the kid gloves and candidly discusses why content creation is such a blindspot in redesign projects, how to set realistic website content deadlines, and much more.


😜 Slack Went Down Yesterday & Here Are a Bunch of Really Funny Tweets About It to Make You Smile

If an outage happens on the internet, and no one tweets about it, did it really happen? Of course not. So, since I couldn't smash my computer with a hammer when Slack went down yesterday β€” because IMPACT owns it, and I like staying employed β€” I went on Twitter to commiserate with fellow Slack-dependent workers around the world. And here are the 16 funniest #SlackDown tweets that helped me deal with the fact that I was forced to use Gchat for an entire hour.


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πŸ—žοΈ What I'm Reading Right Now

Finally, without preamble or context, here is what I'm reading this week:

Ta-ta for now!