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July 18, 2020

Data privacy and how the CCPA affects your paid ad campaigns, how much it costs to become a world-class digital marketing case study, and Zoom launches all-in-one communications device for $599 ...this is THE LATEST!

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One of the things I've learned in my brief time stumbling my way around this little blue rock in space is that life has a serious sense of humor.

In fact, my life is littered with countless set-in-stone proclamations, impenetrable plans, unshakeable vendettas, and forever love affairs that have all, over time, completely crumbled or become otherwise obsolete. 

For example, I used to flaunt my hatred of olives like it was a personality trait, to the point where I even had it listed as an "emotional allergy" in my Twitter bio for many years.

Flash forward to today, and I freaking love olives. πŸ˜

I also was an absolutely terrible student in any English, literature, or writing-based class you threw at me, from kindergarten all the way through high school.

(Once, to hit a minimum word requirement on an essay, I copied and pasted the same last paragraph four times. To my surprise, my eighth grade English teacher was not impressed by my MacGuyver-like resourcefulness.)

Now? My job is literally all about writing, I absolutely adore the undeniable power of precise word choice, and I have a framed grammar poster hanging above the toilet in my bathroom. 

(I'm not kidding.)

And then there's my move to Connecticut. 

Did you know that out of all the states you pass through on the Amtrak Northeast Regional train route between Washington, D.C., and Boston, you spend the most time in Connecticut?

More than 2 hours and 40 minutes, to be exact. For this very reason, Connecticut was a massive thorn in my side for years.

One time, back when Foursquare was a thing, I actually created the state of Connecticut as a volcano on the platform, and then I checked into it with the status of, "I'm never getting out of this dumb state alive."

Of course, joke's on me, right? I live here now. And I absolutely love it.

I mention this because the moment I stopped clinging to absolutes in my life is the moment everything got better. Yes, I still run into normal human being trials and tribulations. But I'm much happier, more willing to take risks, and more than ready to discover a future for myself that is bigger, better, and more olive-filled than I could have ever imagined. 

You can have that, too. But you have to be willing to throw out the playbook on how things have always been done and try something new.

πŸ‘‰ "How does the CCPA β€” California's data privacy legislation β€” have anything to do with our paid ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn?" (3-minute read)

The CCPA is a state-wide regulation that gives California consumers more rights in regards to how their data is used, stored, and sold by businesses. Most companies that are affected by the CCPA should be mostly (if not completely) compliant if they are already following the guidelines set by GDPR. Unfortunately, just like with GDPR, this will have an effect not only on businesses in California, but also those who interact with Californian residents. What this means is that even if the CCPA doesn’t apply to you, you may still need to pay attention to it. I've got some good news, though. In this article, IMPACT Paid Media Specialist Dan Baum completely demystifies what you need to know about the CCPA and your paid advertising, in a super easy-to-understand, actionable way

πŸ’¬ You asked, we answered 

πŸ‘‰ "We see all of these amazing digital marketing case studies, but how can we become one? How can we get such crazy-good results that other businesses wonder how we did it?" (15-minute read)

One thing all agencies love to do, no matter who they are, is show-off all of the case studies of their most successful clients. On the one hand, this helps you make choices about who your digital marketing success partner should be. On the other hand, it can sometimes leave you wondering how you can get results so stinkin' good that you get featured... and how much it'll cost for you to get to the proverbial top of the mountain. Well, wonder no more! In this ridiculously thorough, 100% candid article, IMPACT Lead Digital Sales and Marketing Coach Chris Marr pulls back the curtain on the exact steps every single one of best case studies took to see their results, and precisely how much they budgeted to do it.

πŸ’¬ You asked, we answered

πŸ‘‰ "I work from home all the time now β€” can you tell me about Zoom's new all-in-one communications device? Is it worth the cost?" (2-minute read)

Video conferencing giant Zoom has had a whirlwind uprising in popularity in the time of COVID-19, with as many as 300 million users on the platform daily β€” many of whom are entirely new to Zoom and remote meetings as a whole. However, this rapid ascendency has not been without controversy, including questions about features and privacy. Still, that hasn't stopped the team at Zoom from continuing on in their quest to "empower remote workers." And in this news piece from IMPACT UX Designer Marcella Jalbert, get the full skinny on Zoom's new all-in-one, at-home communications device for remote workers and whether or not it's worth the hefty $599 price tag.

πŸ’¬ You asked, we answered

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It's that time of the week, when I fill your noggin' with some of my favorite tunes. And this week's jammy jam is...

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Zak and Sara by the one and only Ben Folds

While men named Logan let me down in my 20s in Boston, Ben Folds did not. His album, Rockin' the Suburbs, was a dominating part of my soundtrack when I lived in Beantown, and that song in particular was always a favorite.

The story of it is wild β€” just listen to the lyrics β€” but the sound is so undeniably happy and catchy. (Please note the subject matter in the song may be sensitive to some. Annie Waits is another great one, if you're looking for something else!)

Later, tater!