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July 14, 2020

Top 5 problems in hiring a digital marketing consultant, brutally honest HubSpot CRM review, and LinkedIn's new name pronunciation tool ...this is THE LATEST!

πŸ”₯ Hot off the presses

πŸ“£ Are you in a B2B sales role? Please fill out my two-minute, five-question research survey. I am currently researching the impact of COVID-19 on the substance of sales conversations and what your prospects are looking for in a post-pandemic world. Yes, it really will take two minutes or less to complete. β€οΈ

When we're not talking about work, my conversations with IMPACT Video Trainer Will Schultz tend to fall into one of two buckets β€” absurdly lengthy marathons of quoting Family Guy to each other, or deep, existential, (often) emotionally jarring conversations about life.

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 5.11.10 PM

Based on the above screenshot, I think you can safely assume our conversation today skewed more toward the latter. Whoops.

What's funny is that, the more I sat with the question, the more surprisingly complex my answer became.

To show you what I mean, I'm curious how many of you will relate with the following statements, whether we're talking about seeking advice from a friend, a digital marketing consultant, a business partner, a spouse, or someone else:

  • I'm not always looking to have my mind changed. Sometimes I want someone to validate my current way of thinking. If they don't, I may dismiss their advice. I hate to admit this is true, but I do this occasionally.
  • Occasionally, I will ask for advice but not because I want advice. Why? Well, people will often give more away about what their true feelings are on a given topic when asked for advice, rather than when asked a direct question. You may not like it, but years of interviewing people have proven this true.
  • I don't always trust the person who is giving the advice. Even if they're a friend or a trusted consultant, I sometimes get a little paranoid and worry they have a hidden agenda. For example, "Are they trying to sell me something?"
  • Sometimes when I need advice the most is when I won't ask. Maybe I'm not ready to hear the truth, or I don't want to admit to someone that I'm scared... scared of losing something or someone, scared of really failing, etc.

As a result, my answer to Will's question of what needs to be true in order for me to "actually" take advice from someone is as follows:

  • I have to trust the person from whom I'm seeking advice. (Trust is everything.)
  • Moreover, I need to trust beyond the shadow of a doubt that the person I'm talking to will tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. Even if it hurts.
  • I must be open to hearing answers that I don't agree with, unravel any sort of comforting story I've been telling myself, or hurt my feelings.
  • I must already be willing or prepared to do things I don't want to do β€” make big changes, try something new, have tough conversations, etc.

If you relate to any of the above, I have a challenge for you. The next time you find yourself asking for advice from someone β€” a friend, a digital marketing coach, or whomever, it doesn't matter β€” ask yourself:

"Am I really looking for advice? Am I actually ready to get uncomfortable with what knowing the truth might bring?"

If you seek change of any kind β€” personal or professional β€” know that change will only happen if you're willing to be completely honest with yourself about your answer.

πŸ‘‰ "We're considering working with a digital marketing consultant, but what are some of the most common pitfalls we need to be aware of?" (8-minute read)

Digital marketing consultants and agencies make a lot of really attractive promises β€” they'll help you achieve better results than you ever thought possible, they'll make your digital sales and marketing problems vanish overnight, etc. But how well can your consultant really understand your business? Also, is it going to take too long to see the results you want? If these worries sound familiar, trust me when I say you're not alone. In this article from IMPACT Digital Sales and Marketing Coach Eric Dunn, discover the most common problems you may face with a digital marketing consultant and how to overcome them, so you can feel confident in the choice you're making

πŸ’¬ You asked, we answered 

πŸ‘‰ "We're thinking about the HubSpot CRM for our team, but is it really as good as some folks say it is? We need an honest opinion or review of the product." (4-minute read)

When the HubSpot team released their free CRM (customer relationship management) tools in 2014, they added a whole new dimension to the company's offerings and value. They expanded the platform's reach beyond just marketing into sales, and now even customer service β€” again, all at no additional cost to start. Sounds like a dream come true, right? But... is it too good to be true? Well, in this article from IMPACT Director of HubSpot Training, you'll get the 100% honest review of the HubSpot CRM you're looking for, so you can make the right call for your company.

πŸ’¬ You asked, we answered

πŸ‘‰ "What do we need to know about LinkedIn's new name pronunciation tool β€” is it really that big of a deal?" (2-minute read)

With a new feature allowing users to add audio-clip pronunciations of their names to their profiles, LinkedIn is on its way to creating small, but powerful moments in future sales, networking, hiring, or customer service conversations. Don't believe me? Prepare to get educated. In this thought-provoking piece from IMPACT Head of Editorial Ramona Suhkraj, you'll learn how saying someone’s name correctly is not only the polite thing to do, it can also make a hugely positive impact on the experiences your brand creates.

πŸ’¬ You asked, we answered

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