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July 11, 2020

6 ways to decrease your bounce rate, SEO mistakes you MUST avoid when redesigning your website, and how artificial intelligence is influencing the digital sales process ...this is THE LATEST!

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In my editorial director world, numbers are like oxygen. Yes, I'm an obsessive storyteller. I'm also, however, a data junkie. Every single day, I'm looking at our website traffic, keeping an eye on our site's bounce rate, monitoring click-throughs, peepin' our dwell time on articles, and so on. 

But there was one number I saw today that brought me such joy, I held my phone to my chest and hugged it. 

A number that had absolutely nothing to do with my job. 

Four percent of lost remotes are found in a fridge or freezer. 

I thought it was just me. I thought I was alone. Instead, for every one hundred of you out there, there are four of you who also sometimes leave your remote next to the pizzas and bags of tater tots in your freezer. 

To quote modern day philosopher Tobias Fünke, "There are dozens of us. DOZENS!"

👉 "How can we decrease the bounce rate on our website, so our visitors stay longer?" (5-minute read)

Many of us have worked tirelessly to increase our website's traffic, hoping this will also increase the number of people on our site who convert on our landing pages. But what good is traffic if people aren’t sticking around? This is why monitoring your bounce rate is so important. Your bounce rate can act as an indicator of some potential issues your website pages might be facing. In this article from IMPACT Creative Lead and CRO expert Christine Austin, unlock the six most powerful ways to immediately decrease your bounce rate, so your ideal buyers stay on your website longer.

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👉 "We don't want to tank our traffic with a new website redesign, so what are the SEO mistakes we need to avoid?" (2-minute read + infographic)

When done correctly and consistently, SEO can amplify a website’s success. Unfortunately, according to research from earlier this year, many brands continue to make mistakes and miss the mark and successful website SEO optimization. Although SEO is something you should be mindful of all the time, website redesign projects often trigger some catastrophic traffic losses due to poor search engine optimization or oversights. In this article and infographic from IMPACT Website Project Manager Chelsea Boice, discover the six most important SEO mistakes you need to avoid in your next website redesign.

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👉 "How is artificial intelligence (AI) influencing the digital sales process, and what do we need to know about it?" (8-minute read)

Whether you know it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is already having significant influence on the modern digital sales process — and this is only going to increase in the years ahead. Today, across the country and around the world, machine learning and AI are helping sales reps find the best prospects, connect more effectively, and close deals with more efficiency than ever before. In this exclusive interview with CEO and founder Chad Burmeister, IMPACT Editorial Content Manager John Becker gets the inside scoop on the profound impact artificial intelligence is already having on the sales process, and how it's here to stay, where you like it or not.

💬 You asked, we answered

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IN CASE YOU FORGOT, THE WASHINGTON NATIONALS WON THE WORLD SERIES LAST YEAR. If you did forget, my daydream boyfriend and Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle is here to educate you. #goodguysean

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If you learned anything about me over the past two weeks, it's that I love music, and it is a huge part of my life. So, now, every Saturday, I'm going to share a little jam to help you enjoy your weekend... 


Most cover songs are fun. But then there are covers that are are so good, you feel as if you're rediscovering something you love as if it were the first time in a completely new and different way — and this cover of California Dreamin' by José Feliciano is no exception.

Everything about it is perfect... but the strings around ~1:30 make me catch my breath every single time I listen to it.

Have a great weekend!