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June 16, 2020

B2B account-based marketing problems, why marketers need to attend the Virtual Selling Summit, and the most important Facebook and Instagram ad benchmarks you need to know ...this is THE LATEST!

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✂️ Business leaders everywhere are looking at their budgets so they can cut anything right now that isn't making them money. That means you, marketers. Now, more than ever, you need to join forces with sales. So, please listen to me when I say you need to attend the Virtual Selling Summit on June 23. Use the code ONETEAMONEDREAM to get your ticket for only $29.

A little over two years ago, I... let's say "participated" in this photo:


On the left is Tom DiScipio, fellow debonair Italian, current VP of Client Success, and (at the time this photo was taken) our head of sales. On the right, our then VP of Marketing Kathleen Booth.

And then there's me. Smack dab in the middle — literally and figuratively — back when I was our sales content strategist.

We called this photo, "Sales and Marketing Alignment: A Family Portrait." â¤ï¸

Here's the thing, though. The way we marketers talk about "aligning" with sales reminds me a lot of how I dress like I'm working out almost every single day of the week. We look good doing it, but appearances are deceiving. You're not really taking the time to truly align with sales, you're just talking about it.

And I'm not working out. Most of the time, I'm just sitting here on my couch eating fish tacos. 

(Literally, I just did that 15 minutes ago. In yoga pants and a moisture-wicking tank top. You know... in case I get the taco sweats.)

That's why I wrote this article today. You see, yesterday, someone said to me that there's no real business case for a marketer to attend a sales event like the Virtual Selling Summit, and I almost blacked out from how much I disagreed.

If I learned anything during my time as a sales content strategist, it's that it's downright bananas to me how much marketers do not understand that sales and marketing are on the same team. (I know this, because I was once one of those tunnel-visioned marketers.) That, although our functions are different, we are chasing after the exact same goals, and we should be doing so together.

Once you realize that, though, you'll be amazed by what you can achieve together. So, that's today's challenge. Stop talking about alignment and start really living it.

Yes, you'll need to make some adjustments — alignment is not something you achieve overnight or during a once-a-month meeting. But when the revenue starts rolling in, you'll be so glad you put in the work.

👉 "Account-based marketing holds a lot of promise for B2B companies, but what are the most common problems we should be aware of before we dive in?" (7-minute read)

Account-based marketing has caught the eye of a lot of B2B marketers, and for good reason. It holds a lot of promise, to the point where many consider it the future of where B2B marketing is headed. However, implementing an ABM program takes time to see success, and there are a lot of common pitfalls and potential problems you need to be aware of. Process guru and IMPACT Director of Operations Kaitlyn Petro shares her deep insights in this article on the top five problems every B2B marketer should be aware of before they get started with an account-based marketing program.

💬 You asked, we answered

👉 "OK, Liz — why do marketers need to attend the Virtual Selling Summit next week? Are you just trying to push last-minute ticket sales, you little monster?" (7-minute read)

My solemn promise to you is that this is not one of those dumb marketing articles that we all hate. You know, the ones written by marketers to push tickets for an event where they make you think they care about your problems... but they don't. They're down to the wire, just trying to crush some last-minute ticket goals. I am not here to waste your time or your money. Instead, I urge you to take a few minutes to read (and/or skim) this personal manifesto about why marketers need to care about this event — I also share the exact sessions you need to attend (and why), along with a special promo code just for the occasion.

💬 You asked, we answered 

👉 "What benchmark data can we use to measure whether or not our Facebook and Instagram ads are performing as they should?" (2-minute read + infographic)

Facebook and Instagram Ads live and die by their numbers. Literally. The best paid media experts know that you “kill” ads that underperform and “feed” ones that are top converters. That's why the most common question we get when auditing Facebook Ad accounts is, “How much should I be spending on ads?” The second is, “How do I know if my ads are doing well?” Well, in this article from IMPACT's resident Facebook and Instagram ad wizard, you'll discover all of the benchmark data you need to know in order to properly assess how well your social ad campaigns are performing.

💬 You asked, we answered

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  • June 23: Join us for IMPACT's Virtual Selling Summit, an all-day virtual event you won't want to miss. USE CODE "ONETEAMONEDREAM" TO GET YOUR TICKET FOR ONLY $29. 

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