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May 9, 2020

The complex story of how businesses are finding new life online, stats that prove the power of personalized video, and the 3 hallmarks of disruptors by HubSpot's Brian Halligan (an IMPACT exclusive) ...this is THE LATEST!

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Last night, I enjoyed a delightful end-of-week virtual happy hour with IMPACT Director of Community and Events Stephanie Baiocchi and IMPACT Content Marketing Trainer Jen Barrell.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 3.26.08 PM

Just look at us, taking in the scenic Chicago skyline on what is considered "sunny" in the windy city. You know, back when we were allowed to hug people. Sob.

Anyway, during our little chat, I shared a piece of relationship advice that seemed relevant right now, in what some are calling #quarantineszn. Upon hearing it, both Stephanie and Jen said, "This absolutely must be your introduction for THE LATEST tomorrow." 

So, today, I am going to teach you about The Nicholas Cage Rule™.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 3.18.27 PM


The Nicholas Cage Rule™ solves a common relationship problem — when a couple sits down to watch a movie, and one person takes their sweet mother-flippin' time picking out a selection. Meanwhile, their loving partner waits next to them... slowly going insane, elaborate revenge fantasies dancing through their imagination like sugar plum fairies, as the minutes mockingly tick by.

So, here's how The Nicholas Cage Rule™ works! 

When the waiting partner just can't take it anymore, they must stand up and declare with one hand in the air (and with gusto!):

"I hereby invoke The Nicholas Cage Rule™!"

The movie-selecting partner then has a timed five-minute period in which they must immediately abandon their original movie search and select a movie starring the one and only Nicholas Cage.

The Nicholas Cage Rule™ Rules:

  1. Each person in the relationship must agree that The Nicholas Cage Rule™ is sacred and will always be obeyed when invoked, with no questions asked. Saying no to someone invoking the rule can (and should) be considered a relationship deal-breaker.
  2. An individual is only allowed to invoke the rule once every 14 days, so as to avoid abuse of the rule and, by extension, the majestic and wondrous Nicholas Cage himself.
  3. The rule-invoking party may only invoke the rule when they have truly hit their limit. The Nicholas Cage Rule™ is not meant to be used to rob someone of their agency or ability to choose a movie, just because your movie preferences and their movie preferences (on the whole) wouldn't get along if they met at a party.
  4. Finally, you can't passively invoke the rule. You must stand up. You must raise your fist in the air. You must invoke the rule loudly and with authority, like you're Thor. 

I know it sounds insane, but trust me. And trust this process. I invented this rule and can vouch for its efficacy over many years. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch National Treasure. 😘

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Even with record-breaking unemployment numbers and depressing daily reports of businesses announcing they will not reopen following the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, e-commerce platform giant Shopify recently announced sales had exploded, with a 47% increase from the same quarter one year ago. But there's more to this story than Shopify's meteoric rise. In this article from little old me, learn how Shopify's sudden success paints a complex picture of what it means to succeed as a business during COVID-19 and what lessons companies in all industries can learn from it.

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At IMPACT, we are obsessed with personalized video. In our sales processes, in our marketing strategies, and so on. Why? It not only brings us closer to our community, ideal buyers, and clients, it also gets results, plain and simple. Still, we know that, for some, video and personalized video in particular is a question mark. Does it really work? Is it worth your time? Well, resident IMPACT video producer (and wizard) Megan Lang is here with a data-packed infographic that will prove to you once and for all that personalized video has the potential to drastically reshape your business — especially right now.

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👉 "What are the characteristics of businesses that are considered true disruptors, and what can we learn from them?" (2-minute read + exclusive video)

In recent years, we’ve seen landmark brands challenged and even displaced by brands that don’t necessarily have a better product, but rather offer a better customer experience. Tesla’s giving BMW a run for its money, and Netflix has dethroned Blockbuster, Xfinity, and a number of other cable services. In this riveting, IMPACT-exclusive keynote talk from HubSpot CEO and founder Brian Halligan, discover what makes a business an experience disruptor, and how you can transform your own business by understanding the key hallmarks of a disruptor.

💬 You asked, we answered 

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Have a great rest of your weekend!