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May 7, 2020

Why your Google Ads clicks and impressions are flatlining, how to promote a virtual event (8-step playbook), and 3 ways to grow your business during coronavirus ...this Is THE LATEST!

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Look, I'm sure I'm not unique in the fact that I'm not a fan of failure. Intellectually, yes, I understand concepts like "failing fast" are an essential part of achieving success — "I didn't fail, I found a thousand ways not to make a light bulb," and blah blah blah. 

Still, as a goal-oriented person, I don't like that initial sting of when I realize something has gone horribly wrong — whether it's a paid media campaign gone awry or the realization that I've somehow managed to murder yet another unsuspecting houseplant.

True story, my friends like to joke that I'm a hospice facility for plants, helping them make their transition to the next chapter...


Live footage of what my plants see when I go to water them. ☠️

Anyway, I bring this up because one of the ways I'm struggling right now is feeling like a failure at home during quarantine.

When are we going to get another opportunity to have so much time on our hands, right? Yet there are still so many projects in my life that I haven't moved on. I should probably do more cleaning. There are still plenty of books on my nightstand that I haven't read. Etc., etc., etc.

So, to help flip my mindset, I want to focus on what I feel are my accomplishments throughout these past (almost) eight weeks of quarantine:

  • I have not caved and watched Tiger King
  • I have not made a single loaf of banana bread. I will not cave on this either, as I'm certain this sudden quarantine trend is a diabolical conspiracy perpetrated by the nefarious banana lobby.
  • In fact, I haven't made any bread at all, and I think that's commendable.
  • I have, however, learned how to make tiramisu.
  • I also completely unpacked my apartment after my move, which (historically) is a task that usually takes anywhere between one month and two years.
  • I've hiked more than 65 miles worth of trails in parks and hiking areas around the state of Connecticut. 
  • Finally, I helped edit another book! The first one was the second edition of They Ask, You Answer. The second is... well, more on that soon! 

If you're struggling similarly with feelings of, "I'm not doing enough!" or "No matter how many items I check off my list, I always feel behind!" here is my challenge for you today:

Make a list of your accomplishments from the past eight weeks. Like me, you can also consider not doing something a success, as those speak to your exceptional powers of self-control and the fact that you're a superstar. ⭐

And now, here's THE LATEST...

👉 "Our Google Ads were working fine, and now our clicks or impressions have dropped off — why?" (11-minute read)

No one likes to see their Google Ads suddenly start tanking. Especially since those dips are usually immediately followed by questions from your boss about why you're not seeing the expected amount of traffic, leads, and/or sales from those campaigns. But what are the most common reasons you'll see unexpected drops in Google Ads clicks or impressions? And how do you know when a drop in clicks or impressions is actually a blessing in disguise? In this article from IMPACT Paid Media Specialist Dan Baum, you'll learn the eight most common reasons why your Google Ads are failing, what you can do to right the ship in each scenario, and when those dips may actually be a good thing.

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👉 "How do we promote a virtual event? Is there a proven playbook for this kind of thing?" (9-minute read)

Not too long ago, IMPACT had the make the tough call to postpone our live Digital Sales and Marketing World event from April to November. In its place, however, we planned (in three weeks!) a virtual event for 3,000+ people called Digital Sales and Marketing Day. Through that experience (as well as the countless other virtual events and webinars we had run in the past), we have learned a lot about how it is — and isn't — different than promoting a live event. In this strategic deep-dive from IMPACT Director of Demand Generation Kristen Harold, discover the eight absolutely essential steps you need to follow to promote your own virtual event.

💬 You asked, we answered

👉 "How can we still grow our small or mid-sized business in the digital space during the coronavirus pandemic?" (4-minute read)

As customers become frustrated with slowed-down shipping from Amazon, some are looking locally — and if local retailers can make the sales process easy, they have the ability to win back customers and build loyalty. Creative businesses can capitalize and grow during this time, poised to continue that growth as the pandemic recedes, but how are they doing it? In this example-filled overview, IMPACT Content Marketing Trainer Jolie Higazi shares the three most impactful ways you can still grow your small or mid-sized local business leveraging critical digital sales and marketing strategies.

💬 You asked, we answered 

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