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August 31, 2019

Design Automation Tips, New Facebook Ad Policies, Google Testing New Featured Snippet Functionality, & the Cost of a Videographer ...This Is THE LATEST! 

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I love technology — but sometimes it betrays me.

For example, I want to take you back to Thursday night at 7:50 p.m.

Being the 24-hour go-getter that I am, I was lazily draped across the couch in my pajamas while eating Skittles — only the red ones; all other flavors are for peasants! — and binging my way through the last few episodes of season one of Amazon's The Boys.

Then, unprovoked, my Apple Watch buzzed with the following notification:


This happens to me a lot. 

Part of me wants to believe that I'm simply so theatrical and enthusiastic in my lounge-forward lifestyle that I don't even need to move for my Apple Watch to pick up on my energy.  

But the other, more logical part of me knows that the mini Skynet box I have strapped to my wrist isn't infallible. Heck, earlier that same day, I ran three miles... but my Apple Watch insisted it was actually three-and-a-half miles, and thus, that is what was logged. 

Basically, my Apple Watch is the computer equivalent of a super sweet and well-meaning friend I had when I was a junior in high school, who said my butt totally didn't look big in an iridescent blue taffeta cupcake nightmare of a dress I ended up wearing to homecoming that year.

(All pictures were burned, so do not ask.)

I don't know why I expect my great Apple, Google, and Facebook overlords to be unerring, when I know they aren't. My Apple Watch constantly lies to me, Google is always changing the rules without telling me, and Facebook has a bad habit of playing fast and loose with data privacy.

Still, I always come back for more. Maybe I'm too trusting?

🎨 Yes, Design Can Be Automated & Here Are 5 Ways to Do It in 2020(Sponsored from Design Pickle)

You may have heard it said that design can’t be automated. It’s art; robots can’t do it! Or can they? Yes, creativity and strategy are still very human skills. However, automation can still help boost creativity and aid modern designers in their day-to-day tasks. Design can be fatiguing for creators and managers. Sometimes we sigh, “Can’t we get a robot to do this for us?” Well, we partially can. In this article, Design Pickle Marketing Director Kate Rooney discusses the five ways automation can streamline design processes and certain tasks — I'm a big fan of #4.


🚨 Heads Up, Advertisers: Facebook Is Rolling Out New Ad Policies Ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election

With 400+ days until the 2020 election, Facebook is taking steps by updating its ad policies for political advertisers and anyone running electoral or social issue ads on Facebook and Instagram. Specifically, the policies (scheduled to go into effect in mid-September) include new disclaimer requirements and updates to the platform's list of social issue topics in the United States. In this comprehensive overview, IMPACT Development Supervisor Melissa Smith explains the new Facebook and Instagram ad policies in detail, as well as what these changes mean for all Facebook advertisers.


✂️ Google Now Testing Featured Snippet Links That Anchor & Highlight Text in a Result 

This week, Google was spotted testing a new feature that not only provides the page with the best answers, but also highlights the section of the page that best answers the user’s query. From a user perspective, this feature is a great way to get the answers you’re looking for as quickly as possible. For marketers, it’s slightly more complex. Thankfully, IMPACT Digital Beat Reporter Iris Hearn has the scoop on how this new Google featured snippet functionality works (with screenshots) and what it means for digital marketers


🎬 You're Thinking About Hiring Your Own Videographer for Your Company, But Is It Worth the Cost of a Full Salary?

It's proven that video is a win for both sales and marketing teams. Video builds trust faster than any other medium and has shown, time and again, to shorten the sales cycle. With that said, adding a new employee sounds like a big-budget line item that maybe you haven’t planned for. At the same time, video production invoices can add up quickly. If you’re wondering whether you need to bite the bullet and hire your own videographer, this article from IMPACT Director of Sales and Revenue Melanie Collins answers the big question, "Is hiring a videographer really worth the cost?"


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😂 Weekend Nonsense 

Among the 27,291 photos of my dogs and murder-faced cat on my phone, I found this venn diagram I had downloaded from somewhere on the internet:


To whomever created this beautiful venn diagram, I thank you for bringing order to a seemingly chaotic world. Now, the rest of you — put your hands up. 🙌

To those of you who are kickin' it stateside, have a great holiday weekend!