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Mariah Soto

Videographer, 5+ Years of Video Production & Editing

Location: New Haven, CT

Mariah's Bio

Mariah is a natural-born visual creator in every sense of the word. Her expertise derives from a widely diverse background in the education system, to freelancing for noted restaurants such the “Artisan”, to collaborating with award-winning podcasts, most recently the “Almost30” podcast.

After attending film school, she has produced environmental short documentaries, captured true love stories in the wedding industry, and led workshops for young creatives to develop their visual storytelling talents.

Mariah joins the IMPACT team as our brand videographer, helping us create a variety of engaging, informative, and as always, creative video content. She jumps towards every opportunity to learn, and is thrilled when she can utilize her skills to inform and educate others.

When Mariah isn’t behind the camera, you can find her still watching and analyzing movies, grounding herself in her yoga practice, or sitting at her favorite coffee shop nose deep into a book.

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