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Jessie-Lee Nichols

Creative Lead, Inbound Marketing Team, Host of ‘Website Throwdown’, 50+ Sites Designed for HubSpot

Location: Annapolis, MD

Jessie-Lee's Bio

Jessie-Lee Nichols helps rid the world of bad design one website at a time.

As a designer at IMPACT, Jessie-Lee enjoys working with clients to make sense of their data, develop a vision for their brand, and execute designs that truly engage users in their journey. She has been working with HubSpot since 2011 and holds nearly all of their certifications.

Outside of the office, Jessie-Lee can be found at Camden Yards with her daughter and husband rooting on the Baltimore Orioles.

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Jessie-Lee's Certifications

Growth-Driven Design Agency

Client Management

Developing a Sales Plan

Content Marketing

HubSpot Agency Partner

Email Marketing

Inbound (2017 Version)

Selling Sales Services

Delivering Sales Services

Inbound Sales

Delivering Client Success

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