[Free Presentation] Become an Inbound Sales Ninja: One Team's Ultimate Playbook for Success with HubSpot Sales

Session Overview:

Okay, so you’ve slugged it out and converted yourself some inbound leads from your marketing. A pipeline is starting to flow and the sales team has more appointment requests coming in. Now is the time to start implementing an inbound sales initiative powered on HubSpot Sales Hub. But if you don’t have a battle-tested gameplan for implementation, it’s easy to spin your wheels and waste a lot of valuable time and resources. You need a solid roadmap to make this methodology work for your organization - and you need it now. That’s where the IMPACT Sales team's playbook and story begins...

  • Key Takeaways
    • See relatable sales examples with step-by-step breakdowns on what worked and lessons learned from IMPACT's experience.
    • Access templates from across the sales process that you can take back to apply these best practices with your own sales and marketing teams
    • Learn simple formulas for how to customize and personalize HubSpot Sales pro to your unique situation
  • You will value the content of this presentation if any of the following applies to you:
    • Your team has been generating inbound leads monthly (either through organic search or PPC) for at least the last 90 days
    • You have at least 1 full-time marketer + at least 1 full-time sales person.
    • You have at least a loosely documented sales process and/or you are committed to creating a detailed, step by step sales process to follow within the next 3-6 months
    • You are using or soon plan to start using HubSpot CRM + HubSpot Sales Hub
  • About the presenter, Nick Salvatoriello - Principal Customer Success Manager at IMPACT:
    • For the last seven years, (four spent at HubSpot witnessing the launch of their CRM & Sales software and three spent working at HubSpot Agency Partners practicing inbound sales in the field), Nick Sal has had a simple mission: to learn and utilize the inbound methodology and to do so utilizing as many of the HubSpot features as possible in order to scale sales activities while also providing more consistent, personalized experiences to customers. 200+ deals later, he’s here to let you look under the hood at what he and his colleagues have put into practice as well as to give you a roadmap to customize and follow in your own journey to inbound success.


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