IMPACT Live 2019 for Teams

IMPACT Live for Teams: get aligned, get excited, and get immediate results. Speak with our concierge to get started.

August 6-7, 2019 | Hartford, CT

Watch What Your Team Can Learn at IMPACT Live

Why IMPACT Live for Teams?

IMPACT Live is the event where your team gets inspired as a group and returns home excited and aligned around common goals.
Do these unfortunate conference experiences sound familiar?
You’ve returned to the office with a notebook full of great ideas but you never have the time to communicate them to your team (nevermind actually implementing them).
You’ve learned a new strategy and are hot to execute it, only to learn that you can’t get buy-in to even get started.
Your team “divided and conquered” a wide range of sessions so that you get the most exposure, but then everyone returns excited to get started on dozens of unconnected activities.

Your experience will be different at IMPACT Live.

When you bring your group to IMPACT Live, they get so much more than an immersive learning experience—they get long-term change. Teams at IMPACT Live benefit from a cohesive, interactive time together. This makes the event more workshop than conference, so that your team returns to the office fully aligned on your goals, in complete agreement about your strategy, and ready to get started right away.

Pulling several people out of the office at the same time can be a big commitment. That’s why we designed IMPACT Live to maximize your time and give you actionable takeaways. Yes, your team will be inspired, but they’ll also learn to use the right tools and strategies so they can get to work and start seeing results as soon as they get back. This might just be the best and most productive time your team spends together this year.

Who Makes the Best Team?

The Team you bring to IMPACT Live is up to you, but when you’re deciding who should be part of your Team, keep the following in mind:

  • IMPACT Live isn’t only for marketers. The entire event is focused on the digital marketing and sales playbook that the most successful companies use to drive significant revenue growth and become true “inbound organizations.” This means your salespeople and your c-suite will benefit as much as your marketing director will.

  • There’s a good chance you’ll build organizational buy-in at IMPACT Live, which makes this conference a great place to bring your leadership team.

  • If your company is already fully on board with inbound, IMPACT Live really is the place where your marketing team can level up. They’ll come back fully aligned with an actionable roadmap for success.

What Do You Get with a Teams Package?

All Access
For Teams
Full Session Access
Breakfast & Lunch (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Opening Night Welcome Party (Monday)
Cocktail Hour (Tuesday)
Evening Party Sponsored by Accelo (Tuesday)
Workbook to Capture Key Takeaways
Premium Seating
Speaker Meet & Greets
Signed Books
VIP Dinner (Tuesday)
Open Bar during Evening Events
Assigned Inbound Expert
Special Recognition as a Teams Attendee
Reserved Table During Breakfast & Lunch
1-Hour Follow-Up Call with Assigned Expert
30-Minute Strategy Session Call with Marcus Sheridan

Assigned Inbound Expert

A major component of our Teams package is the guided discussion and follow-up your team will receive from one of our inbound experts. You’ll be matched with a member of the IMPACT team who will get to know your team and your goals. Based on your business needs, your expert will connect you to the people you need to meet, recommend the right tools and tech for you, and will check in with you throughout the conference as you build your roadmap.

Special Recognition as a Teams Attendee

Those companies that are willing to make the investment in themselves by sending a team to IMPACT Live should be celebrated. You’ll be recognized as people who understand the importance of team learning (and team bonding). Your recognition as a Teams attendee will be announced from the stage and highlighted in signage throughout the event space, similar to how we acknowledge and appreciate our sponsors. High-fives all around!

Reserved Table During Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast and lunch are provided at the event, and your team will have a reserved table for each meal (while All-Access and VIP ticket holders have open seating access to high-top tables and main stage seating). This allows your team to turn every mealtime into a strategy session, giving you time to huddle up and start planning while all those great ideas are fresh. Your assigned inbound expert will also use this time to check in with your group and make sure you have what you need.

1-Hour Follow-Up Call with Assigned Expert

After the event wraps, your assigned IMPACT expert will facilitate a discussion with your team to define your post-conference direction. During this hour-long call, your group will review top takeaways from the conference, define an action plan for execution, and solidify your 12-month roadmap.

30-Minute Strategy Session Call with Marcus Sheridan

As a follow-up to IMPACT Live, Marcus Sheridan will meet with selected executives in your company for a 30-minute strategy session. This is a great time to secure organizational buy-in of inbound culture or to get fully aligned on how embracing inbound will influence the year ahead.

What My Team Will Learn

Sending multiple people to an event all at once is a big commitment without knowing the type of content covered. That’s why we’re giving you a taste of what’s to come. Check out some of our sessions from last year to see if IMPACT Live for Teams is right for you.


Teams Packages start at $3500 for a Group of 5

additional team members up to 10: $500 per person

additional team members 11+: $250 per person

Sample Pricing

Team of 8: $3500 + $1500 (3 additional people at $500 each) = $5000

Team of 12: $3500 + $2500 (5 additional people at $500 each) + $500 ( additional people at $250 each) = $6500

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