How to Convince Your Boss to Say 'Yes!' to IMPACT Live

How to Convince Your Boss: Start Here

  1. Review the agenda and highlight the areas where your company’s goals are in line with the topics discussed. The agenda is focused on what makes the most successful inbound cultures and organizations. You’ll learn what other companies have done to achieve results and apply it to your own organization. By the end, you’ll have an actionable roadmap outlining exactly what you need to do over the next 12 months to get the results you want. Each section of the conference will deep dive into specific areas of inbound success: content, video, digital marketing, and sales. So make sure to consider each section and how a roadmap for success in that particular area could help you reach your business goals.

  2. Check out the common objections to help you prepare your case for why you need to be at IMPACT Live.

  3. Arm yourself with the social proof we’ve provided from last year’s conference.

  4. Use the template letter to build a written case for attending IMPACT Live.


If you need more ammunition, reach out to us. We’re more than happy to help craft a winning case!


Common Objections

“Marketing conferences are too general to come away with specific to-dos. They’re mostly just social events.”

Your answer: IMPACT Live is focused on takeaways so that I’ll come home knowing exactly what we need to do to make inbound work for us. Every session is value-driven, providing actionable steps as to what we need to do to improve. More workshop than conference, IMPACT Live will give me playbooks, examples, pro-tips, and activities to bring back to the office -- the better we implement these techniques, the faster we’ll see the results we’ve been aiming for. Plus, I’ll have the chance to meet people just like me who have done what we’re looking to do.


“I’ve attended marketing conferences in the past and didn’t get much out of it. The lines were long and it was hard to get into sessions I wanted.”

Your answer: Unlike most other marketing and business events, IMPACT Live has a single-track curriculum, facilitated by Marcus Sheridan. This is more like a workshop than a conference, where everyone is in one room, so I won’t waste time standing in line to get into a session and I won’t miss a single speaker.


“We’re not an IMPACT client.”

Your answer: Yes, IMPACT is an agency, but they also create content on a daily basis that I use to improve my skills year-round. This conference isn’t only for their clients but for anyone looking to improve their digital marketing game. In fact, 75% of their audience members aren’t clients -- they’re other marketers and salespeople (even other agencies) who are seeking advice from other inbound leaders who have been there and done that.


“Conferences are expensive.”

Your answer: Compared to other top marketing conferences, an All-Access ticket to IMPACT Live is a fraction of the cost. And that ticket includes breakfast and lunch and all the networking events. The conference center and hotel are within walking distance, so daytime transportation isn’t an issue either. Plus, every attendee will be sent access to the conference’s video hub, so our entire team can review important sessions long after I return from the event.


“IMPACT works closely with HubSpot, and we don’t use HubSpot.”

Your answer: IMPACT Live is intended to help companies succeed through inbound marketing in general and so its sessions are not specific to HubSpot or any particular software. (The single session that discusses HubSpot includes a dive into other martech and could apply to other marketing automation tools as well.) If you take a look at the agenda, you’ll see sessions dedicated to content that converts, improving sales through video, and capitalizing on social media and paid advertising. These are all things that can help us reach our goals, regardless of what software we use. (And check out the quote from Maria Velasquez in the Social Proof section.)

What Past Attendees Think

“Topics covered were so unique and relevant in my life right now. I left feeling like I have a better, more focused path for our company moving forward.”
- Marin Asher, Marketing Manager, Larue Pest Management
“This was my first year attending IMPACT Live and I must say, going into it I was worried it would be a big marketing pep rally with a lot of big talk but no takeaways. Well, I WAS WRONG! IMPACT Live gave me four pages of takeaways and goals that we are going to implement at QDS asap! The speakers were amazing, timely and the show stayed on schedule swiftly! For a girl who likes things to be on time IMPACT impressed me there! 10/10 will go again and wish I had signed up for VIP to get the books from the amazing speakers.”
- Britnee Terrill, Sales Support, Quality Data Systems
“I LOVED how it was single track. We had sales and IT representing our company and it was SO useful for them to hear about EVERYTHING! I loved how intimate and personal it felt. You could tell the IMPACT team truly cares about making a difference. The DJ was great too...don’t change that about next year.”
- Angie Dobson, Marketing Project Manager, FBi Buildings
“It's really great to go and hear updates/tactics on what others are doing in a bunch of different ‘areas’ of marketing. I also really enjoy the smaller setting and quality of the outside speakers — we picked this conference over INBOUND again this year because of that. Also, loved the 30-minute session formats and the focus on ‘in this talk, you'll learn to execute X’ so there were always takeaways.”
- Jennifer Shore, Director of Demand Generation, Thomas Publishing Company
“Just from attending IMPACT Live and joining IMPACT Elite, I was able to learn and develop an entire persona, campaign, and content cluster strategy that changed everything we do in marketing and also helped us change how sales defined campaigns. We are not customers and we don’t use HubSpot. The research, advice, and methods I learned apply everywhere!”
- Maria Velasquez, Marketing Communications Manager

Email to the Boss Template

Copy and past this template into your favorite text editor and customize the copy in blue for you. Then, send the copy in an email to your boss.


I would like to attend IMPACT Live on August 5–7 in Hartford, Connecticut. IMPACT Live is dedicated to helping companies like ours achieve inbound success. The conference is focused on teaching the digital marketing and sales playbook that the most successful companies use to drive significant revenue growth and become true “inbound organizations.”

At the conference, I’ll learn what other companies have done to achieve results and apply it to how we work. By the end, I’ll have an actionable roadmap for success, in addition to playbooks, examples, pro-tips, and activities to bring back to the office -- the better we implement these techniques, the faster we’ll see the results we’ve been aiming for.

IMPACT Live deep dives into topics we’ve been wanting to explore, including:

  • content creation and optimization
  • using video in the marketing and sales process
  • paid search and social advertising
  • creating an inbound website
  • getting the most out of martech
  • conversational marketing

I’ve broken down the approximate cost of my attendance at IMPACT Live from <INSERT DATES DEPARTING AND ARRIVING. THE EVENT BEGINS AT 5:30 PM MONDAY, AUGUST 5, AND CONCLUDES AT 6:00 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7>, below:

Airfare: <$XXX - flying into Bradley International Airport (BDL)>

Hotel <(X nights at $165/night): $XXX>


All-Access Ticket: <$450 if purchased before 3/31, $599 starting 4/1.>

Total: <$XXX>

Upon my return from IMPACT Live, I’ll share the roadmap I developed, along with my access to the conference’s video hub.

IMPACT has negotiated a discounted rate of $165/night at the Marriott Hartford Downtown while rooms are available. Therefore, I appreciate your immediate attention to my request.

Thanks for your consideration,


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