Inbound Marketing Pricing & Packages


Moderate IMPACT

Best for marketing teams
that need outside assistance or smaller companies looking to get started.


40 points / month
$140 / point

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High Impact


Best for small to mid-sized businesses
looking for significant outside help with inbound marketing.


60 points / month
$130 / point

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See what’s typically included:
15 Bonus Points
Added Annually
Ultimate IMPACT

Ultimate IMPACT

Best for mid-sized businesses
with very aggressive growth goals or large enterprises with complex needs.


150 points / month
$100 / point

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See what’s typically included:
30 Bonus Points
Added Annually

All Inbound Marketing Service Packages Include:

Inbound Marketing Consultant

Your primary IMPACT point of contact.

Marketing Strategist

10+ year digital marketing veteran who develops the strategies to achieve your goals.

Implementation Team

Inbound marketing coordinator, web developer, and graphic designer who implement your digital strategy.

Monthly Marketing Gameplan

Created by your strategist outlining the highest priority activities needed for you to achieve your goals.

Monthly Scorecard

Document tracking your key performance indicators, such as traffic, lead generation, customer acquisition, and ROI.

Scorecard and GamePlan Review

Monthly strategic meeting to reflect on the previous month of activities and plan the upcoming month’s activities.

Weekly Status Calls

30-minute call with your inbound marketing consultant to review progress and collaborate on shared responsibilities.

Basecamp 3

Shared collaboration space containing all communication, to-dos, and documents.

10% of your point allocation goes to strategy. The rest goes to implementation. Meetings have no point allocation allowing your entire budget to be allocated towards generating marketing results.

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