Litchfield Builders Increased Consultation Requests by 200% & Leads by 211% with Inbound Marketing

About Litchfield Builders

For more than 20 years, the Litchfield Builders team has combined high-quality construction with high-touch, personalized service to create lasting living and working spaces for their clients. Their services range from residential additions, bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and exteriors, to custom millwork and large commercial renovations.

Litchfield Builders has been honored with numerous local and national awards for excellence in functionality, problem-solving, aesthetics, craftsmanship, and innovation. Additionally, they've been recognized as one of the Top 50 Remodeling Companies in the United States in Remodeler Magazine’s Big50.

An Opportunity to Attract More Qualified Leads

Following a comprehensive website redesign, the Litchfield Builders team saw steady, exponential growth in conversion rates and overall site traffic. However, they also realized they had a new opportunity in front of them: to increase the number of qualified leads landing on their website.

By the end of the second quarter of 2017, nearly 2% of visitors were converting on the website, and 28% of those conversions were for bottom of the funnel consultation requests. From this data, it was clear visitors were attracted to their content and interested in their services.

Not all visitors that convert are qualified leads, and we realized that attracting motivated, qualified buyers to their website would require an aggressive, multifaceted inbound marketing strategy.

Using Data to Set Aggressive Website Traffic Goals

In order to determine where we wanted to go with our strategy -- and how we were going to get there -- we reviewed metrics from Litchfield Builders' previous two years of activity.

Through our analysis, we uncovered trends, as well as areas where we could help them improve their performance. For example, seasonality surfaced as a significant factor in the ebb and flow of traffic and leads throughout the year. (Historically, both traffic and conversions were higher in the fall and winter, with a slowdown occurring each spring and extending into the summer months.)

With our newfound insights, we developed a comprehensive 90-day inbound marketing plan that included two goals tied to Litchfield Builders' organizational objectives:

  • Increase total website traffic by 30% 
  • Increase organic website traffic by 20%

Due to the seasonal flow of the company's traffic, we would measure our success using data from the third quarter of 2016 for comparison.

Litchfield Builders' New 90-Day Inbound Marketing Plan

Once we identified the goals, we centered their new 90-day inbound marketing plan around five key strategic activities:

Step No. 1: Industry & Competitive Audit

Our strategy began with a deep dive into the home remodeling and commercial contracting industry on a local and national level. This empowered our team with a deep understanding of the market, what makes Litchfield Builders different, and how we could best position their company in a crowded market.

Step No. 2: Update Buyer Personas

The Litchfield Builders team already had documented buyer personas, but we wanted refresh them based on our new understanding of their buyers' needs, pain points, decision-making styles, and their process for making purchases.

Step No. 3: Keyword Research

Based on the outcomes of our audit and new buyer personas, we identified the top 25 keywords Litchfield Builders' target buyer personas were searching for, as they made their way through the buyer's journey. In order to develop that list, we researched monthly search volume, relevance to our audience, and difficulty to rank in the top three results on Google for each term.

Step No. 4: On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once we had a defined set of keyword opportunities, we got to work on optimizing Litchfield Builders' services pages. For example, since their team only services the Connecticut area, we updated their website page-level keyword strategy to reflect high-performing, geographically-specific terms. That way, we w ould increase the number of qualified bottom-of-the-funnel consultation requests coming through their website.

Step No. 5: Content Audit & Strategy Development

Finally, we conducted an in-depth audit of Litchfield Builders' existing content footprint to learn which content was driving the most traffic. From there, we created a 90-day blogging content calendar.


Litchfield Builders' blog under new content strategy.

We selected blog topics for the content calendar based on our targeted keyword strategy and industry trends, as well as what their buyers' needed to know most urgently to inform their purchasing decisions.

We Not Only Met Their Goals, We Surpassed Them

As a result of the new 90-day marketing plan, we exceeded Litchfield Builders' goals by increasing total website traffic by 44%, and organic traffic by 53% compared to the previous year.


Overall traffic growth, 2015 to 2017; organic traffic shown in lime green.

In addition, although our research into historical trends showed July, August, and September as slow months, all were record-breaking traffic months under the new strategy -- even compared to the previous 90 days, traffic was up during that period 32.2%, with organic search increasing by 29%.

"IMPACT’s work on our website and their creative marketing strategies have made a significant 'impact' on our site traffic, leads, and consultation requests.

Their creative vision has helped us showcase our residential and commercial remodeling projects for prospective clients, along with inbound marketing strategies to keep a steady pipeline of qualified leads and expand our reach beyond that of our existing clients."

Kevin Ahern President, Litchfield Builders, Inc.

A Revenue-Rich Sales Pipeline Full of Qualified Leads

The Litchfield Builders' team also saw a substantial increase in visitor-to-lead conversion rates as a result of the spike in traffic.

Compared to the third quarter of 2016, the contacts increased by 211% compared to the third quarter of 2016, and we determined that the traffic and leads we were now bringing to the website were more qualified as conversions on consultation requests increased by 200%.

As a result of our inbound marketing strategy and continued inbound marketing support, Litchfield Builders' now not only consistently attracts and converts more qualified leads through their website, they also are able to create new business opportunities and increase their future revenue growth potential.

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