Education Software Company Increased Blog Subscribers by 815% with IMPACT's Blog Optimization Package

About Applied Educational Systems

Applied Educational Systems (AES) was founded because while teaching is a passion, but it's also a challenge. Through innovative curriculum and resource development, the AES team has dedicated more than 30 years to helping teachers across the United States preserve (or rekindle) that passion so they can do what they love while stressing just a little bit less.

AES Had Aggressive Goals for Their Blog

The AES team was committed to inbound marketing. And for more than seven years, they had been prolific content creators, writing blog articles once a week and creating downloadable guides and other content pieces to attract and convert new leads and subscribers.

Over the years, they had earned 1,083 blog subscribers and had seen 27,032 visits to their blog. They knew they could be doing better, however, to increase their audience reach, so they could continue to better educate and support their target audience of teachers. 

Additionally, while they had established their content foundation by hosting their blog on WordPress, they wanted to migrate their blog to HubSpot, so they could leverage the marketing automation platform they already loved.

So, they came to IMPACT with a challenge -- to help AES transform their blog into a modern lead generation machine on HubSpot and increase their blog subscriber base by 100%.

The Blog Optimization Package Was the Perfect Fit

Once we migrated their content from WordPress to HubSpot, we worked closely with AES to implement our robust blog optimization package for HubSpot COS blogs in less than three weeks.

Their package included completely redesigning the look and feel of their blog at both global view and article levels, adding an exit intent pop-up, revamping author pages, creating a high-converting blog subscriber landing page, executing a sophisticated email promotion strategy for the blog, and putting in place branded email notifications for subscribers.

Our goal was to not only give their blog a much-needed facelift, but also to create clear, strategic conversion pathways for visitors to become blog subscribers. 

A New Look for AES

The resulting design for AES' new blog married our expertise in inbound best practices with their team's vision of AES 2.0:

AES Blog Walkthrough

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 12.22.25 PM

Exit Intent Conversion Offer

AES Far Surpassed Their Goals for Subscriber Growth

We had originally agreed upon a goal of 100% for subscriber growth within the first six months. In that timeframe, AES increased their blog subscribers by 815% -- from 1,032 to 8,830.


In addition, they more than doubled their blog's overall conversion rate from 0.50% to 1.26%.

"The system and process that IMPACT developed to help clients be successful is the best that I've seen! I've worked with darn good content companies but a lot of times execution was always the hardest part. Their systems and processes keep us on track to complete the strategies we built together."

Jim Schultz Founder & President, Applied Educational Systems

Setting the Course for Future Success

By helping AES drastically increase their top-of-the-funnel pool of contacts, we laid the foundation for long-term success with inbound marketing. Now, they don't have to worry about not having a pipeline for sales, as they can cultivate leads from the top of the funnel down into the middle and bottom of the funnel through strategic, targeted email nurturing campaigns and other inbound activities.

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