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About David Meerman Scott's Newsjacking

David Meerman Scott is a world-renowned sales & marketing strategist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of ten books including The New Rules of Marketing and PR, an international bestseller now in its 5th edition with more than 350,000 copies sold in English and available in over 25 languages from Arabic to Vietnamese.

David came to us, referred by HubSpot, looking for a quick turn around on a website for his then upcoming online course on Newsjacking. He wanted the site to be standalone from his current web presence and both build awareness of the course as well sell it without him ever having to directly market to people.

The Way it Was

Prior to coming to IMPACT, there was no formal website on the Newsjacking domain. Having owned it for many years, David didn’t want to lose any of the SEO-value or site authority that he currently had with the site build out.

The Pain Points 

In David’s words, he wanted to be “making money while [he] sleep[s].”

Prior to creating this course, he only had two products -- books and speaking engagements. He wanted to create a tier between the two where he could connect and educate people on a more individual, personal level without canabalizing his other offerings -- This lead him to the online Newsjacking course.
The course would ideally sell itself without David having to actively market to leads.

What They Decided to Do

David decided to create a clean, professional website on the Newsjacking domain to provide all of the information needed to sell the course without ever having to “touch” the lead.

There would be no nurturing or top-of-the-funnel offers aside from a free downloadable infographic and a pre-launch campaign to sign up to be notified when the course launched.

"About 9 months ago, I was starting a new project, to start an online course for Newsjacking....I needed to create a website to house it and I'm so glad that I found IMPACT Branding & Design to partner with to create this site for me. They did a fantastic job...Even before we finished the project...I actually sold several courses, bringing revenue into me...which was amazing….I’ve got thousands of contacts in the marketing world and could work with any one of them to help me brand my business and execute on my content marketing strategy. I initially turned to IMPACT because they came highly recommended from HubSpot…[and] the team...was even better than I had hoped. They are creative, knowledgeable, and operate in real-time and I’m already talking with them about another project to work on together.”

David Meerman Scott Marketing Strategist, Author, and Speaker

How We Helped

Though it was completed through a more informal process than most of our projects, David thoroughly enjoyed working with IMPACT and our approach to web design and development.

The site was designed, built, and developed on HubSpot in a matter of three weeks (with the course on Thinkific) and officially launched on December 4th, 2015.

He shares, IMPACT’s approach “was a really great combination of strategy and tactics; walking through the goals, who was the target, what did I want to achieve” then translating that into a tangible concept and specific UX tactics.

The Way it is Now

The Newsjacking course website continues to hold the #1 for the word and showcases 8 different lessons totalling about 4 hours of content.

Each lesson consists of approximately 6 videos (ranging in length from 1-12minutes), 1 infographic, and several dedicated graphics.
Customers can only access the materials by purchasing the course for $450 per person and only the infographics are available for download.

The Results

David sold the first Newsjacking course within the 24 hours of promotion and got over 20 more after running a quick promotion on Twitter for $200 off. As of January 14th, 40 Newsjacking courses have been sold, the majority coming from organic traffic.

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