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You’ve Invested in HubSpot, But Your Team Still Isn’t Seeing Results.

A HubSpot Intensive Training Workshop -- where we train your team on-site at your office -- can help. Talk to us to learn more about what this workshop could look like for your organization.
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Is an In-Person HubSpot Workshop Right for You?

You and your team want to feel like well-oiled marketing and sales machine. You want to get the most out of HubSpot, while executing an optimized inbound strategy that delivers results.

But inbound is evolving rapidly, and HubSpot is updating its tool stack daily to stay on the cutting edge.

That’s why we designed this intense, one- to two-day workshop to get you back on track.

HubSpot Is a Moving Target, You Need to Keep Up

It takes work to master HubSpot. We can help you get there. But if you don’t make a commitment to learn and do the work, you shouldn’t be surprised by lackluster results.

Your In-Person Workshop Experience Also Includes

Carina Duffy HubSpot Workshop
  • A HIT personal workbook for each participant;
  • Email access to your trainer for 30 days afterward;
  • Four 30-minute coaching calls; and
  • An overly complex, super-secret handshake with Carina!

Meet Carina Duffy, Your HubSpot Certified Trainer

The Only Thing Carina Loves More Than HubSpot Is Helping People.

As a HubSpot Certified Trainer at IMPACT, Carina is able to tap into her two passions simultaneously -- her mastery of the HubSpot platform and helping people solve problems. Before joining the IMPACT education team, Carina spent two years maximizing HubSpot to empower dozens of her clients overcome their biggest marketing challenges.

Today, she uses that deep experience to build out trainings and workshops to help more clients get to where they need to go. Her day-to-day varies from one-on-one coaching and consulting, to experimentation and delivering workshops. When not geeking out on all things HubSpot, you can find her being a #powderhound on the mountain or killing it in a disc golf tournament.

Carina Duffy HubSpot Trainer
HubSpot Certified Trainer
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George B. Thomas Sales Software Certification
Inbound Marketing Certification
George B. Thomas Agency Partner Certification
Inbound Certification
George B. Thomas Inbound Sales Certification
George B. Thomas Design Ceritfication
George B. Thomas Email Marketing Certification
Growth-Driven Design Agency Certification
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What Attendees Think

Andrew Thomas


The HIT workshop was helpful in clarifying how inbound principles specifically apply to our business and processes. It was also helpful in giving us permission to think outside the box and break some of the traditional “rules” so that we can customize our approach to best serve our customers.

Leslie Jemiolo


They got right into our muck and helped shovel it all out. Not afraid to do the heavy work. Honestly, it was a great event – we gathered so many homework items we had to have a separate meeting to figure out how to tackle them all. they were not pie int he sky items either – simple quick fixes that will make a big impact.

Lute Atieh

Educator & Entrepreneur

Overall I think the HubSpot Intensive Training workshop was great! When you think of a team training exercise, you assume it’s a lot of talking, boring PPT slides and too much coffee. They rocked it out, mixing in a good blend of humor, engagement from the group and allowing a few deviations so we could work out our internal details.

Jules Tompkins

Regency Lighting

They may have been in colorless Kennesaw in the boardroom of a company selling light bulbs, but their enthusiasm and dynamo nevertheless shone through. Individual by individual, they taught the five-man marketing team at Regency Lighting how they could leverage HubSpot to generate and convert new business… they were unfailingly dynamic and helpful.

How Much Will Your Workshop Cost?

The size of your team and how deep you want to go with your HubSpot mastery will determine the cost. But typically, they cost around $7,500 for one day and $10,000 for two, plus travel to and from your office.

Spring Special - 25% Off!

The first four clients that book in May 2018 will get 25% off the cost of their workshop.

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