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HIT-George-B-ThomasOur team here at IMPACT has taught dozens and dozens of HubSpot-specific workshops around the globe. In this powerful workshop -- where we come to you -- we’ll perform a full inbound audit of your HubSpot portal, and provide feedback and actionable steps on how to energize your efforts and reach your goals.

We’ll also lead you through 4 training modules on the basics of HubSpot, and an optional 2-6 modules of your choice. Each attendee will receive a HubSpot Intensive Training Workbook covering everything taught in the workshop. 

For 30 days following the workshop you can flood your instructor’s inbox with all of your questions, problems, and concerns.  Training also includes four 30-minute online video training sessions to be had at your convenience.

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What Attendees Think

Andrew Thomas

Regency Lighting

This event was like opening a can of cold ginger ale while skydiving…

The HIT workshop was helpful in clarifying how inbound principles specifically apply to our business and processes. It was also helpful in giving us permission to think outside the box and break some of the traditional “rules” so that we can customize our approach to best serve our customers.

Many of these tweaks were nuances that we easily could have overlooked, but George was skilled at drawing those insights out. The workshop also gave us specific and practical next steps for getting the most out of HubSpot that I’m confident will improve the return we get on our marketing and improve the way we quantify that return.

Leslie Jemiolo


George rocked!

He got right into our muck and helped shovel it all out. Not afraid to do the heavy work. Honestly, it was a great event – we gathered so many homework items we had to have a separate meeting to figure out how to tackle them all. they were not pie int he sky items either – simple quick fixes that will make a big impact.

Can you say CTA’s instead of images????

Lute Atieh

Educator & Entrepreneur

When you think of a team training exercise, you assume it’s a lot of talking, boring PPT slides and too much coffee, George rocked it out, mixing in a good blend of humor, engagement from the group and allowing a few deviations so we could work out our internal details.

Overall I think the HubSpot Intensive Training workshop was great!

The exercises are good, and I would suggest a few more of those.

Jules Tompkins

Regency Lighting

He may have been in colorless Kennesaw in the board room of a company selling light bulbs, but George Thomas’s enthusiasm and dynamo nevertheless shone through. Individual by individual, he taught the five-man marketing team at Regency Lighting how they could leverage HubSpot to generate and convert new business… And how they had been failing to really do so to date.

Kennesaw. Light bulbs. Marketing automation. But you’d think George was in Vegas before a group of Silicon Valley venture capitalists talking about (insert favorite hobby), because he was unfailingly dynamic and helpful.

What You Get

The Workshop height=
The Workshop

Not every company’s goals and skill levels with HubSpot are the same. For this reason, each workshop is tailored to specifically fit your company’s overall objectives. With four key training modules covering the basics of HubSpot, and an optional 2-6 modules of your choice (depending on your chosen package), each workshop will leave you with a clear strategy to satisfy your marketing missions.

Personal Workbook height=
Personal Workbook

Each attendee will receive a HubSpot Intensive Training workbook covering everything taught in the workshop and much, much more. Loaded with tips, tricks, best practices, recommendations, and additional resources the HIT workbook has it all. Consider this all-inclusive workbook your personal guide to keep you on track and making all the right moves as you master the HubSpot tool.

Email access to George B Thomas height=
Email access to George B Thomas

Even though you’ll be armed with your extensive notes taken from the workshop, and your personal workbook, we know you’ll have questions. Lots and lots of questions. But there’s no need to worry, because George isn’t going to leave you hanging. For 30 days following the workshop you can feel free to flood George’s inbox with all of your questions, problems, and concerns (as long as they’re all mostly HubSpot/Inbound marketing related). George loves getting emails almost as much as he loves helping others, so you can expect thorough answers and comprehensive solutions in a timely manner.

Four 30-Minute Coaching Calls height=
Four 30-Minute Coaching Calls

Unlimited email access for 30 days isn’t always enough. That’s why George includes four 30-minute online video training sessions to be had at your convenience. Each coaching call is a personalized one-on-one training session where you and George can really dig deep into your HubSpot portal and come out the other side with a clear understanding of how to use HubSpot’s various tools to accomplish your goals. And you can do this all while admiring George’s handsome mug, and enjoying his rich, smoky voice.

HIT Private Facebook Group height=
HIT Private Facebook Group

Would you like to be able to connect with other first-time HubSpot users? Would you like a place to swap ideas, share stories, and get/give advice to others wearing identical shoes as you (or at least people in a similar situation, as we can’t guarantee their footwear preferences match your own)? Well then you’re in luck, because we will provide you access to a private Facebook group full of other HIT members and IMPACTers. Get practical advice, give helpful tips, and most of all, make new connections and like-minded friends. And who knows, maybe you’ll even connect with someone who shares your affinity for fancy Italian loafers.

Free Chair Dancing Lessons height=
Free Chair Dancing Lessons

Yes, you most definitely heard that right! Since the 1983 release of the cult classic Flashdance, George has been secretly rehearsing the famous “He’s a Dream” dance routine (yup, that one), and he’s just itching to unleash it upon the masses. If you provide the chair and the suspended water bucket, George will provide the sweet, sweet entertainment.

Meet the Trainer

George B. Thomas

HubSpot Accredited Trainer

As an HubSpot and Inbound Trainer at IMPACT, George’s daily contributions include inbound strategy and design, HubSpot Intensive Training Workshops, virtual trainings, speaking at conferences, content marketing, and social media marketing as well as business management and development. 

George will tell you that his brain must consume new knowledge every day which is why he enjoys learning, teaching, and developing new solutions for companies who want to work hard and grow. He loves to answer questions and speak at events. Oh, and sit down for an ice cold, southern sweet tea every now and then.

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