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Content Marketing

Content & Inbound Marketing 101

The value of content marketing is simple. Consumers want to buy from brands they trust. So, when you produce valuable content that is genuinely helpful to your audience, you become a #1 trusted source of information in your space that consumers will turn to when they have questions. The following resources will teach you how to become the Wikipedia of your industry, and so you can grow your business. 

Meet the Experts:

Kevin Phillips Lead Content Marketing Trainer, 10+ Years of Content Marketing Expertise, Content Marketing Trainer

Kevin spends his days teaching businesses how to develop digital marketing strategies to reach more customers.

After growing a small sleep medicine website from 2,500 visitors per month to over 400,000 (and growing), Kevin was recruited by The Sales Lion to teach others how to achieve similar success. Once TSL merged with IMPACT, Kevin now shares his expertise, insights, and dorkiness with IMPACT’s audience and clients.

When not nerding out on all things Inbound, Kevin enjoys spending his time with his beautiful wife and two delightfully terrible children doing all things Alaskan: snowboarding, hiking, fishing, 4-wheeling, and talking non-stop about the weather (yup, it’s starting to get warm outside. Now it’s cold again.’s still cold).

Liz Moorehead Editorial Director, Speaker, Host of 'Content Lab' Podcast

With more than 10 years of editorial and inbound marketing experience, Liz is obsessed with helping businesses and industry leaders create addictive online content experiences.

In her role, she develops and executes IMPACT’s content strategy, manages IMPACT’s internal content team, provides one-on-one thought leadership coaching, and hosts the weekly Content Lab podcast. Liz is also a speaker, whose credits include HubSpot’s INBOUND event and IMPACT Live.

Outside of the office, she is the beer writer for the Capital Gazette, an avid camper, and a Star Wars-obsessed lunatic.

Kevin Phillips Lead Content Marketing Trainer 10+ Years of Content Marketing Expertise, Content Marketing Trainer

Liz Moorehead Editorial Director Speaker, Host of 'Content Lab' Podcast

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