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Tips for Women to Succeed in a Male-Dominated Industry with Kim Walker [MarketHer Ep. 54]

Tips for Women to Succeed in a Male-Dominated Industry with Kim Walker [MarketHer Ep. 54] Blog Feature

May 22nd, 2019 min read

On this week's episode of MarketHer, we talk to Kim Walker from Shop Marketing Pros about her experience launching a division of her marketing agency that focuses solely on the auto mechanic industry. 

If you've ever struggled with taking a seat at the table in a room full of men, this episode is for you!! 

Tips for Women Dominating in a Male-Dominated Industry

  1. Educate yourself: to be respected, you must earn it. Know what you're talking about.
  2. Build your confidence: people are often trampled over, disrespected, and looked down on when they cannot carry themselves with confidence. Being confident will allow you to be perceived differently.

  3. Network & connecting: Get to know people. Do your homework. Know who will be in the room before you get there. This is the key to making connections and utilizing them responsibly.

  4. Be resourceful & helpful: It's one thing to know someone but when you help someone, you'll be more than known. You'll be adored! Givers gain!

  5. Know your purpose/values and stick to them: Know who you are. If you don't know - learn. Read a book, take a class, get some counseling, pray. Just find out what's important to you. Allow your thoughts, words, and actions to be based on your core values. 

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