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By: Carly Stec on March 2nd, 2015

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What Is a Good Landing Page Conversion Rate?

Lead Generation

landing_page_conversion_rateYou're generating traffic and converting leads, but is it enough?

While landing pages are easily the most important pages on your website (it's where you convey value, earn trust, and convert visitors into leads), marketers often struggle to understand their performance.

And with no clear picture of whether or not you're on the right track, it's easy to feel stuck. So to help unstick you, we've decided to shed some light upon the situation and address the all-too-common question - "what is a good landing page conversion rate?"

We've also collected five examples of landing page elements worth experimenting with if you find that its time to get your numbers up.

The truth about landing page conversion rates 

They're subjective.

Factors like your industry, product or service, and your target audience all weigh in on your ability to convert visitors into leads, and leads into customers. 

However, I'm fully aware that people love their numbers, so I dug up some insights from Word Stream to shine a little data on the situation:


Turning good into great

The chart above reveals that the average conversion rate falls around 2.35%. The keyword here is average.

A closer look reveals that the top 25% are converting at 5.31% and above, while the top 10% is looking at 11.45% and above, ultimately raising the question - "What are these people doing that I'm not?"

I recently came across a quote during one of my Pinterest-binges that lends itself really well to this situation:

"Why settle for average when amazing is attainable?"

So while somewhere around 2% is often considered a healthy conversion rate, the businesses that are really going to stand out are the ones that refuse to settle. To help inspire your business to rise up, we've put together some tips aimed at turning a good conversion rate into a great conversion rate:

1) Convey the value 

Don't make people guess. 

What feedly does really well is leverage its value proposition to ensure that all of their visitors can easily identify the benefit of using the news aggregator. 


2) Reduce risk 

According to Dr. Robert Cialdini, “People see an action as more appropriate when others are doing it.”

In an effort to make people feel more comfortable about taking next steps, consider the benefit of including a testimonial or alternative bit of social proof on your landing page like Bidsketch did here:


3) Leverage scarcity

Often times by limiting the quantity of something, you're increasing the desire for it. 

To test this, KissMetric's Hiten Shah experimented with offering a 14-day trial over a 30-day trial.

The result?

He found that while the same number of people signed up for the 14-day trial as they did the 30-day trial, 102% more people used the product when they signed up for the 14-day trial.


4) Eliminate distractions

What's the first thing your eye is drawn to on this page?

By keeping the design of their landing page minimal, Codecademy is able to place an emphasis on their form and call-to-action. 

Notice that they've eliminated the navigation to ensure that visitors won't wander off the page, but rather stick around to convert. 


5) Make it easy 

While you certainly don't want to sacrifice lead quality, finding a way to eliminate a form field (or two) could have a serious impact on your conversion rate.

According to Dan Zarrella, your conversion rate improves by almost half when the number of form fields are reduced from four fields to three.


As you can see above, Shopify has managed to slim down their form to just three fields making it appear more inviting and less time-consuming.

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Before joining the HubSpot team as a Staff Writer for the Marketing and Agency Blogs, Carly was the Content Marketing Manager at IMPACT from October 2013-January 2015. She has a strong affinity for anything Kate Spade, and always kept a wide variety of English Tea in her desk during her time here.

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