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What does IMPACT do? Blog Feature

Marcus Sheridan

Keynote Speaker, Author & Partner, Author of ’They Ask You Answer”, Presented 250+ Sales, Marketing, & Communication Workshops Worldwide

June 11th, 2020 min read

IMPACT helps business and organizations own their digital sales and marketing destinies. But what does that really mean for you?

In an ever-increasing fashion, today’s customers are educating themselves online and, in turn, making the bulk of their purchasing decision on their own — and this is the case for both B2B and B2C purchases. We believe that most companies have not kept up with these fundamental shifts in the buyer’s journey.

Accordingly, each business’ online presence (its website, its written and video content, its social media presence) must reflect and be optimized for this new reality. This is modern digital, inbound marketing. 

Companies have a choice. They can either own the direction and creation of their online marketing by taking it in-house — including content writing, video production, and more — or they can outsource it. 

Outsourcing has typically been done with an agency, where companies choose to bring in an outside team to write their content, produce their videos, and, in some cases, write their emails and do their selling.

However, in the vast majority of the cases we’ve seen, businesses who outsource their marketing do not come to dominate their industry. Rather, they are stymied by long waits as agencies ramp up execution, then disappointed in content that never sounds quite right. 

Moreover, the traditional agency-client relationship creates a perpetual cycle of dependency.

In contrast, we believe that businesses should own their own digital destinies by developing and creating their own content. 

Indeed, we see content as the very soul of a business. The fact is, no one knows your business better than you. When you take content production in-house, you own the narrative and develop trust with your audience.

IMPACT helps businesses do this well. We coach and train our clients in content creation, video production, HubSpot implementation, and SEO best practices. This way, they can own their process and tell their own story, and they have the tools to do it in the most effective way possible — all without long term dependency on an agency. 

Preparing you for today’s digital buyer

In order to succeed with today’s buyer, we believe that your company has to do away with the division that exists between marketing and sales. 

Although IMPACT helps you with both your sales and your marketing, we advocate for one common “revenue team” in which sales reps share with marketers the questions and concerns they’re hearing from buyers on a daily basis and marketers produce content that directly addresses these questions.

We call this philosophy They Ask, You Answer.


Today, much of the “sales” process is actually accomplished by marketing. If buyers are educating themselves by way of online material, it means the task of informing a customer about your company, your processes, and your products and services is no longer falling to your sales reps.

Prospects are coming into a sales call with more information than ever before. 

Therefore, getting marketing right is crucial.

We believe it should be every business’ striving ambition to be seen as the most trusted voice in their particular industry. To do so, you should produce frank, helpful, direct content that addresses the questions its buyers are asking. 

Written content: Most companies think they know how to produce written content. In reality, most are getting it wrong. They’re producing fluffy pieces that don’t educate the buyer and build trust. 

Great writing has certain characteristics that make it compelling and persuasive. What’s more, it needs to be optimized for search engines. Our content trainers make sure you're producing effective written content, and doing so at the optimal cadence. 

This coaching covers blog articles, website copy, email composition, and more. 

Video content: Considering that 80% of the content consumed online in 2020 is video content, there are very few companies out there that haven’t realized the importance of video in their marketing strategy. However, not many companies are doing it right. 

They don’t know what type of videos to produce, who should be on camera, where these videos should be hosted, and how to effectively tell the story of their brand. 

We work with your videographer on a video strategy that will drive traffic and sales, creating a video-first culture that allows you to produce the content that gets results.

If you don’t have a videographer on staff yet, we’ll help you hire one.

Marketing management: If companies are going to be best-in-class with their digital marketing, they need to be able to measure their results. If you can’t measure what you’re doing, you’re essentially flying blind.

We work with business leaders to make sure they’re having informed conversations about what is and what is not generating true return on investment. 

We teach businesses to use HubSpot to its full potential. The fact is, most companies that use HubSpot only take advantage of about 20% of what the tool can do. 

Sadly, some agencies want to completely control their clients’ HubSpot portals, serving as an intermediary between the company and its data. By contrast, we want our clients to really know and maximize the tool, and we teach them how to do it. 


Many inbound agencies say they care about sales, but there is usually no direct link between the agency and your sales team.

We believe this is a very flawed way of thinking. 

IMPACT trains your sales team to recognize the types of content that potential buyers most need — and then helps to integrate that content into the sales process.

We bring your salespeople directly into the content creation process, utilizing their knowledge and experience to inform your marketing efforts and content creation.

In turn, this content will have a direct and immediate impact on sales. Through assignment selling, sales-ready content that comes directly from buyers’ questions will further streamline the sales process by educating your prospects.

We also teach sales teams how to leverage technology such as 1:1 video  so as to better communicate with today’s digital consumer. 

How does IMPACT work with clients?

Your work with IMPACT will be guided by an extraordinary team of experts and professionals:

Your Account Executive will be your first point of contact who will help prescribe the coaching and services best suited to your needs and goals. 

A Digital Sales and Marketing Coach teaches you how to optimize your sales process using assignment selling and oversees the entire set of services that helps you achieve sales and marketing independence. 

Content Trainers who specialize in both written and video content will teach your team how to create content to educate customers before and during a sales conversation with your company.

Your HubSpot Trainer will use HubSpot to track your sales and marketing efforts. HubSpot is meant to be easy, but clients often don’t know where to get started. We help you set up HubSpot (or clean up your existing HubSpot portal) so that your content efforts can be measured in the most effective manner possible.

In some cases, we may leverage other IMPACT specialists:

However, these services will only have successful outcomes with the correct text and video content, which is why they're offered in support of our core services and not as stand alone offerings.

Preparing for tomorrow

At IMPACT, we believe the process of buying and selling is constantly changing, and we keep our fingers on the pulse of consumer behavior. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we worked to educate our clients on virtual selling, making sure they felt empowered by the shift to video conference sales calls.

Additionally, we partner with Narrative SEO to make sure our clients are following up-to-date best practices for on-page and technical search engine optimization.

In all things, IMPACT is focused on the future — on your future. 

Your self sufficiency is our end goal

The traditional agency-client relationship is one of perpetual dependency. IMPACT believes this is a flawed model and a broken system.

There’s an old saying: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

We believe that we can help your business learn to market itself way more effectively and efficiently than we could do for you. 

To share what your company does, why it does it, and what makes it different from the rest of the marketplace requires first-hand knowledge that comes by way of familiarity and careful observation.

As such, an internal marketing team — composed of a content manager, digital marketing director, and videographer — are crucial to successfully sharing your team’s expertise with the world.

We help you hire and train that team.

The fact is, your success does not depend on a particular marketing campaign. It does not depend on a website that looks pretty but does little to help drive sales.

Rather, IMPACT believes that by building trust with your audience and by committing to being the go-to educational resource in your space, you are setting your business up for long-term success. 

IMPACT can show you how.


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