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Brittany Balog

By: Brittany Balog

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November 4th, 2012

What are the 'Right' Questions to Ask When Creating Buyer Personas?

Buyer Personas

buyer personasSo less is more? Not when defining your buyer personas!

Buyer personas are a representation of your ideal customer. They are based on real data about your customer demographics, behaviors and educated thoughts about their history, goals and concerns. Understanding and defining your buyer personas is the key to reaching your target market to increase your quality lead generation.

Now how do you obtain all of this valuable information?

Research, surveys and interviews with your target audience can all help you understand who your company’s buyer personas are. Try to fully understand their needs, interests, goals and values so that you can make them understand why your solution will be beneficial to their daily lives or fix the problem they have. Being specific with the questions you ask your target market will produce more reliable data and create a specific picture of who your buyer personas are.

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Who is buying from you and why?

When conducting research about your buyer persons start with the basics. What is their name, gender, age, average household income, and where do they live? This gives you an idea of who the person you are defining is.

Then get more specific with questions regarding your personas background. Learn what their occupational background is, their educational level, where they work, how long they've worked there, the role and specific tasks they complete for their company and identify key information regarding the company they work for. Understanding who your personas work for can provide a clear idea of what companies, and industries are engaging with or have a need for your product or service.

Conduct specific survey’s and interviews with your audience to obtain this demographic information. Once you have several interviews and surveys completed use the results to begin creating 1-2 specific buyer personas for your company. Ask yourself questions like, are the majority of these people male or female? Age 18-35 or 50 to 65? Do they live in the North or South?  What industry are they working for etc.

Congrats! You now have a basic outline of your persona, not lets get even more specific.


Once you understand your personas demographics and background, you need to become more detailed by understanding their behaviors. Ask questions about their hobbies, values, and interests. What are they reading about online and what are they doing during their free time? Start to understand their mannerisms, language and even key words that could describe their personas. The more specific you are the better.

When you have an idea of your personas likes and dislikes you can start to understand how they handle situations and prepare for questions they may ask when you engage with them. Being prepared for how your buyer personas handle situations will help you prepare for your meetings with them. You can establish your credibility and create a more rewarding relationship if you are prepared for who you are doing business with and can cater to their needs.

Goals and Challenges

The final piece to the “what questions to ask your buyer personas puzzle” is what are your personas goals and challenges? You can directly reach these personas if you can provide the solution to their problem or the answer to how they can reach their goal.

Start by defining their primary goal and then their secondary goal. After establishing what their goals are, ask what challenges they face when trying to achieve these goals. Define the primary and secondary challenges that are in the way of your personas success so you know where you should focus your efforts.

Being able to overcome your buyer personas challenges will guide them down the sales funnel and make them more willing to do business with you if they can reach their goal using your product or service.

How to use this information

Once you have conducted all the necessary research to fully understand your buyer personas you can create content and offers to solve your personas challenges and help them reach their goals. You can cater your marketing message to attract the people that need your solution most and generate the qualified leads you need.

Knowing how to reach your buyer personas will be extremely beneficial to your inbound marketing campaign so that you can make sure your content is being placed and promoted in the right places to the right people.

Define your Buyer Personas

Read our new ebook, “Ultimate Guide for Creating Profitable Buyer Personas” to learn more about how creating buyer personas will be profitable for your company.

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