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11 Compelling Ways to Make Your [Infographic] Stand Out in a Saturated Market

11 Compelling Ways to Make Your [Infographic] Stand Out in a Saturated Market Blog Feature

Joe Rinaldi

UX Designer, HubSpot Design & GDD Certified, Designer for 70+ Sites for HubSpot and Various CMSs

October 6th, 2018 min read

Much like Anchorman'Brick Lampand’s love for lamp, I love infographics.

I’ve always appreciated how a well-executed infographic can transform a complex or dry topic into a piece of compelling information that’s easily digestible.

For more than a decade, infographics have been a staple in many digital marketing strategies. They’re powerful tools that have been used for not only growing traffic but also generating awareness. In fact, companies that feature infographics grow traffic 12% faster than those who don’t.

Despite all the good, however, after 10+ years of being a dominant force, many marketers may find themselves wondering things like “does our company still need infographics?” or “Is the web TOO saturated with infographics?”

The simple answer is yes and yes -- but that doesn’t mean they’re dead.

Because humans are wired to be visually-driven, the simple combination of pictures and text will always be more memorable to people than just text alone.

When asked which types of visuals had the highest engagement, 42% of marketers reported that infographics were still the most engaging. This was higher than any other form of visual content!

So, yes, there are a lot of infographics out there, but there are also a ton of websites and blogs. It doesn’t mean you need to stop creating them (especially when they’re so effective).  Instead, you need to find new ways to make your infographics stand out.

Luckily, In the past few years, we’ve started seeing a new era of infographics.

They are no longer just these long flat images with some fancy illustrations that we’re used to.

Now, they include interactive elements such as gifs, buttons, and scroll animations.

People are also beginning to experiment with different shapes and sizes to better cater to where they’ll be featured.

This new movement of infographics has created a ton of ways for companies to breathe new life into their infographics and separate themselves.

Visme, an online presentation and infographic tool, put together an infographic (fitting right?) about the top creative trends in infographic design that you can apply to your own visual marketing.

They’ve also predicted where they think the future of infographics is going.

Some of the notable trends include:

  • Interactive Infographics: These are interactive pieces that work as a web page but take on the appearance of an infographic. As users scroll,  they can interact with different buttons and actions which will bring them to outside resources.
  • Micro-infographics: Infographics don’t always have to be long and vertical. Micro-infographics are shorter in height and focus on one single piece of information.
  • Real-time Infographics: Infographics can now be dynamic! Some tools give you the ability to add third-party content from outside sources to keep your content always fresh.

As far as the future of infographics goes, Visme predicts that they will become more digitally driven. We will start to see more and more multimedia infographics that include animations and content embedded from third-parties, and personally, I can’t wait..

Check out the full list of trends in the infographic below:



Speak Visually. Create an infographic with Visme

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