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By: Brittany Balog on November 19th, 2012

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Visual Content Marketing Meets Social Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

visual content140 characters…how about 0 characters?

As if 140 characters wasn’t short enough for content writers who like to drag on when ‘talking’ new social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram have eliminated words altogether.

With the use of newest social media sites Pinterest and Instagram, people can now just view a photograph to obtain the information they need. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, it is important to use these social media sites to your advantage. You don’t want to post hundreds of photos if they aren’t going to reach the right audience or drive traffic to your site.

Understanding the main components of each site will help you use the platforms for your company or product in an effective way.

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Instagram is the newest social media phenomenon. Anyone who has the app has the ability to take a photo and use filters to add borders, change the color, and enhance the photograph. While the app has a huge following and many benefits there are also disadvantages to the application.


You can directly link your photos to be uploaded on your Twitter and Facebook accounts, which instantly adds new content to your social media sites.

You can clearly define your company’s brand. Posting photographs of your company culture, projects that your company is working on, company products or photographs of your team allow followers to relate to you and what your company stands for.

You can optimize your photographs using keywords and hastags. Every photo that is posted has an option to add a description. It is important to use keywords and hashtags in these descriptions so when the content is shared your content will have a better chance of being found.


There is little direct contact between an Instagram photograph and the purchase of a product or service. There is no ‘buy’ or ‘share’ button on Instagram. You don’t have the ability to share or repost and Instagram photo within the application. It needs to be promoted using other social networks.

Instagram is primarily a mobile app. Just recently Instagram integrated onto the web where you can view users photographs, but you cannot upload or share content using the online version. There is also no search function online or feed to post your content onto.

Overall Instagram seems to be the newest social media platform to quickly gain users and a huge social following. If you use it for your company be sure to have the following 3 elements:

• Include your website URL in your about me and use your logo as your main photograph

• Use hashtags and keywords on every photo to increase your chances of being found

• Be sure your Instagram is linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts


Pinterest is also a visually based social media platform. Here you can create boards and pins to display your content. Pinterest allows you to organize your content into different boards so that your content is easy to find and search through. Pinterest has seen a lot of success over the last year and is continuing to role out new features to keep their momentum going.


You can repin, share, and directly link to product pages. Having the ability to have your content quickly shared on someone else’s board allows for quick exposure of your product. Direct links make it easy for users to find your content and continuously click through.

They are dedicated to promoting business. Pinterest is continuously releasing new resources and educational tools to help businesses succeed on the network. They want to help provide company’s tools that will allow for increased exposure and sales. So far they have added case study options and new widgets to promote your boards and pins on your website and most importantly the new business account feature

Pinterest just release a company accounts option. By creating a company page you will have access to the newest Pinterest updates and releases. There are options to categorize your company so that you can easily reach your target audience. It seems as though Pinterest is dedicated to making their platform as useful as possible for businesses therefore it is important to stay on top of their newest releases.


Although Pinterest has seen a lot of success they still have a much smaller following than Instagram currently has. If they can attract more users it will increase the overall traffic your company page could possible see.

Pinterest targets those who are ready to make a purchase or have a high intention of making a decision to buy. While promoting direct links to products is great, most people start out browsing and need to engage in top of the funnel offer before bottom of the funnel offers. They direct ‘buy’ links may turn people off into thinking Pinterest is just being used to make a direct sale.

Overall, Pinterest allows companies to clearly define themselves as a company now and are dedicated to increasing business throughout the sites features. You can directly repin, comment and share pins to reach your audience and there are buy options to directly make a sale.

Optimize your Accounts

Both of these platforms seem to be striving in the social media arena. While they both have their own pros and cons it is still a great idea to have a presence on both sites. More and more businesses are joining the networks everyday and you don’t want your competitors to beat you to the sale.

If you are interested in learning more about incorporating social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram into your inbound marketing campaign, Contact IMPACT and learn how we can help!

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