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By: Dan Baum on December 15th, 2012

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Viral Content: What You Need To Know To Get Shared

Content Marketing

viral contentEver had one of your friends run up to you and show you this awesome video that everyone in the world has seen? Sometimes you can't believe what people find funny or worth sharing to others. But whether its Keyboard Cat or Charlie biting his brother, getting a video to go viral is one of the greatest feats of the online world.

But how about other kinds of viral content? Say... blog posts?

Viral content is no easy task, and a lot of it depends on luck, there are a few tips you can do to optimize the chances of your content going viral. You need content that is extremely liked by one of your target audiences, and that will spread around the internet faster than chicken pox. They best way to create viral content is by giving your leads helpful information.

This post will give you a bunch of easy tips that will make all of your content more viral. For more tips on content marketing, check out IMPACT's free ebook on "How to Be the King of Content Marketing."

Talk About Something "In The Now"

Makes sense right? Viral content is viral for a reason, so talk about things happening now. Disco is not coming back. Talk about new technology or something that just came out. These things are ripe for viral content. Very few have posted about them, so you could be the primary source when people look for information!

This method is called "newsjacking" in the marketing world, because you will always have someone looking for brand new information on new topics. Be the pioneer of your topic! Then your content is sure to be the most popular among internet users.

Say Something Catchy

Blog readers tend to just scan. It's annoying for all that work you put into your content, but by having a title that wil call your readers to read, it's definitely a leg up over strict, boring titles. And when they LOVE your post, having this attractive title will make sharing your article all the more easy to see.

Say something scary or contrary to fact, like "The Sky Is Green When You Don't Brush Your Teeth". Obviously this is wring, but you get the point. Reveal something huge, say something funny that will make reader wonder what your post is about. And then bam, they are reading your blog. Moving on...

Attractive Presentation=Viral Content

No one wants to read a post on a website or blog that is cheap and unprofessional looking. Make sure your sites are presentable, and are visually attractive enough that they will even look at your content. Have clean organization to your site that will make your site easy to use.

Your content needs to be professional too! Clear cut headings and paragraphs break up the huge block of text that is overwhelming. Plus it's easier for your readers to skip to what they are looking for.

Be Genuinely Helpful

This is the whole purpose of your content: Solve problems. If there is no point to your content, why would they share it?

Be a little funny as well. If you can brighten someone's day with your post you should feel accomplished :) Conversations always win over huge industry vocabulary. We know you know what you're talking about. That's why we are reading your content in the first place.

Time Things Correctly

If you've had a blog for a while, you've probably seen that posting at 2am is not the best time to find readers. Posting between 9 and 10 am are optimal for viral content. It's when people are just getting into work and checking emails. Preparing for the day. Also, posting in the early half of the week is more beneficial to making viral content.

Tie all these things together with a little bit (maybe a little more) of luck, and your blog is the hot center of the blogosphere! Congrats!

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About Dan Baum

Dan Baum was a Marketing Coordinator at IMPACT for several years aiding in client strategy execution and content creation.


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