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By: Brittany Balog on November 15th, 2012

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Tracking & Measuring your Marketing Analytics with HubSpot

Marketing Analytics

marketing analyticsAre we there yet? Are we there yet?

No we are not talking about getting to a specific location after a 6 hour-long car ride with your entire family. We are talking about the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

While you have produced great content, made it SEO friendly, and promoted it on your website, blog, and social media channels how do you know if you have met your goals?

Using marketing analytics software such as HubSpot enables you to track and measure your marketing efforts to see what is working, what is not working and where to make improvements. It is critical to understand this information in order to make your marketing campaigns more successful.

Are you interested in learning more about tracking and measuring your marketing analytics? Read our ebook, “The Essential Guide to Mastering HubSpot” to learn more!

Blog Analytics

Blog content allows you to create one piece of content that you can optimize to be found on search engines, promote on your website and share on all social media channels. It also gives you the opportunity to put CTAs on your page and link to landing pages to get more leads for your company.

However, how do you know if all the time you are spending on your blog posts is working? Are people reading your blog? If so how many people are reading it? How many are sharing it on Facebook or Tweeting about it? All of these questions are crucial to your marketing campaign. Luckily, with the use of blog analytics tools on HubSpot you can answer all of these questions. The blog analytics tools shows you how many email and RSS subscribers you receive, how many people viewed each blog, how many times a blog has been shared and more.

Understanding which topics gained the most traffic and leads is necessary to keep producing content that will continue attracting visitors and leads to your content.

Landing Page Conversion Rates

Landing pages are important because they are where traffic turns into leads. This is where you are capturing someone’s information. It is critical to obtain their information in order to push someone down the sales funnel and make a sale. Landing pages include an offer, copy regarding the offer and a form fill. Using landing page analytics can help you see how these 3 elements are performing.

This analytics tool also shows you how many views, forms submitted, conversion rates, and first time submissions there were from a particular landing page. Using this information you can cater future landing pages or edit existing ones to gain more traffic based on users previous engagement. The better your landing page conversion rates are the more leads you will get. This is why editing the content on the pages and measuring it is so important to your overall campaign.

Social Media Reach

Everyone understands that social media is necessary when creating a marketing campaign. But, how do you know if those likes and re-tweets are actually bring traffic to your website? Using HubSpot analytics you can track your average reach on each social media site and see the monthly growth.

You can also use a social prospects tool to track what people in your industry are talking about and get a better idea of who you should be following or the type of content you should be sharing based on current trends and conversations. This will help you produce content on topics your industry is interested in and help you optimize your landing page content as well.

Track your Marketing Analytics

If you are interested in tracking and measuring the marketing analytics for your company read our ebook, "The Essential Guide to Mastering HubSpot" or Contact IMPACT and learn how we can help!

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About Brittany Balog

Brittany Balog was a Senior Account Manager at IMPACT from 2012-2013. During her time here, she enjoyed diving into her client's organizations and developing comprehensive Inbound strategy to achieve their goals.

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