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The 5 Most Common Website Bugs Found After a Site Launch [Interview]

By: Christine Austin June 14th, 2018

Blog Feature

Launching a site is one of, if not the most, exciting parts of the entire redesign process. Seeing the product you and your team worked on so hard come to life is nothing short of sweet. After you celebrate the launch, however, the one thing you never want to happen occurs…

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7 Quick Wins For Improving Your Website Security (& Winning Trust)

By: Katie Pritchard June 8th, 2018

Blog Feature

Would you tell someone you didn’t trust your biggest secret? How about loan them money? No matter how trusting you are, I’d bet money you’d think twice about doing either of these things -- and most consumers would too. Data security, whether it be financial or otherwise, is more important now than ever. Not only are there more attempted and successful breaches as time passes, but the public is becoming more and more aware of their need to protect themselves especially when it comes to the websites they use. With GDPR now in full force, many marketers are paying increased attention to what and how they control their website privacy and security for users - especially because there can be legal (and in turn, financial) consequences. In wake of this, worldwide cybersecurity spending is expected to reach $96 billion in 2018, but, there are plenty of quick and less expensive updates you can make to your site right now to help improve your security and protect your site visitors.

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Every Great Web Developer Has These 7 Characteristics [Interview]

By: Christine Austin June 8th, 2018

Blog Feature

Web developers can bring a range of talent to the table. Some deliver the technical know-how for creating a site while others are better at understanding the design and experience that needs to be created for a user. But your web developer can't just have a kick-ass portfolio. You need to dig deep and evaluate more than their skill set.

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How To Use Intelligent 404 Pages To Stop Losing Customers

By: Sahil Merchant May 2nd, 2018

Blog Feature

The surprised Lego man. The video of meerkats. The sleeping kitten. We’ve all seen the creative 404 pages out there when we hit a broken link on a website and in recent years, organizations have really upped the ante. The one thing they have in common, though? None of them go anywhere.

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Subdomains or Subfolders: Which Architecture Is Better For SEO in 2018?

By: Franco Valentino April 17th, 2018

Blog Feature's Rosemary Brisco was arguing with some clients about whether subdomains or subfolders are superior for SEO ranking. Her clients were somewhat knowledgeable about SEO and heard some alarming things about the 'subdomain vs. subfolder debate' -- which has become an even more important one in 2018’s technical SEO environment.

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4 Crucial Things to Consider When Building on WordPress

By: Dan Tighe April 4th, 2018

Blog Feature

Despite being a HubSpot partner agency, we often deal with quite a bit of WordPress websites. Whether it is migrating an entire site to or from WordPress, simply moving over the blog and landing pages, or even developing a new site for a company, our team has seen a lot. Like every website platform, there are the pros and cons to working on WordPress in various areas that often get overlooked; Areas that can get a little technical, however, can also be key to the success of your website.

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Ad vs Inbound Agency: How The Shift Made Me a Better Web Developer

By: Nick Vendetta March 2nd, 2018

Blog Feature

Back in early 2013, I landed my first web development gig at a small advertising/creative agency. They do great work with pretty big names such as Hard Rock and Virgin, and when I was there they did a lot of campaigns promoting new TV specials and even hotels. Needless to say, I was loving it and impressed, ( - and did I mention they had a keg in the office?!)

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