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"Authentic Marketing Featuring Katie Stavely of Mautic" (Inbound Success Ep. 35)

By: Kathleen Booth April 23rd, 2018

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How can a challenger brand take on the established players in one of the most competitive verticals - marketing technology - without simply outspending them on marketing? In this week's episode of The Inbound Success Podcast, Mautic VP of Marketing Katie Stavely talks about the company's approach to expanding awareness of the company's open marketing cloud suite of products. From leveraging the power of Mautic's committed community of brand loyalists, to maintaining a laser focus on the needs of users and ensuring that the company's brand messaging and content is truly authentic (or, as she says, "speaks native marketer"), Katie shares insights into what is driving Mautic's growth.

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Marketing Automation Chatbots & Live Chat

6 Stellar Chatbots for Small Business Teams in 2018

By: Christine Austin February 7th, 2018

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Convenience and automation have increasingly become daily necessities for businesses looking to streamline their marketing and customer service -- but these luxuries aren’t and shouldn’t be limited to enterprise companies. Both large and small organizations ultimately share the same goals; increasing profits, maximizing productivity, increasing brand awareness, etc.

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Marketing Automation Infographics

A Quick History of Marketing Automation (& Why You Need it) [Infographic]

By: Ramona Sukhraj July 8th, 2017

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In the last five years, marketing automation has grown into a $1.65 billion industry with over 142,000 businesses (including American Express, Intel, LinkedIn) relying on it to run and monitor many of their marketing efforts. From Unica (now known as IBM Omni-channel Marketing) in 1992 to the newest players like HubSpot, WhatsNexx, and Loopfuse, the marketing automation software market is more vast and comprehensive than ever, and the average monthly cost of using them has also dropped as well.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: What it is & Why it’s Important for Your Success

By: Kate Fodera May 23rd, 2017

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If you’re a business owner or a CMO, you know how hectic work days can get. Back-to-back meetings, ensuring your team is on track to meet their goals for the quarter, double checking your new Facebook campaign (that’s going live in the next 20 minutes), and the list goes on. It can be difficult to balance everything you need to do while also making sure your marketing is hitting the right audience, at the right time, with the right message, to successfully generate new business. That’s why we’ve seen many companies turn to marketing automation.

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HubSpot Marketing Automation Infographics

How Marketing Automation Can Help You Save Time and Money [Infographic]

By: Carolyn Edgecomb April 10th, 2017

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Marketing automation has changed the way that digital marketers interact with visitors, leads, prospects, and even customers. Through the use of automation, you’re able to save yourself time and money, while reaching your audience at the right time easier than ever before. Don’t believe me?

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Content Marketing Marketing Automation

Wishpond vs SharpSpring vs Hatchbuck: A Massive Review

By: Zachary Basner January 9th, 2017

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Here at IMPACT, we're constantly being asked by small to medium sized businesses about which platforms are the best when it comes to marketing automation. And although we're HubSpot partners and most of our clients are on their platform, we also are quick to recognize HS isn't necessarily the best fit for everyone. In fact, there are absolutely times when a smaller, less robust and less expensive solution is the better option. In these cases, we'll often suggest three main platforms: Wishpond, SharpSpring, and Hatchbuck-- all of which will be compared in detail in this review post.

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Marketing Automation Lead Management

5 Steps to Simplify Your Marketing Automation & Optimize Lead Management

By: Bob Ruffolo July 13th, 2015

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Many of the people we talk to think that marketing automation is difficult, but it’s surprisingly not. It takes a little bit of logical thinking, but in reality, it’s only as complicated as you make it. Like many marketers, at IMPACT, we have been occasionally guilty of trying to make it too complicated for ourselves in the past. This article, however, talks about how we’ve successfully simplified our marketing automation to better segment our sales qualified leads and marketing qualified leads.

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CRM Marketing Automation Marketing Technology

Inbound Basics: Integrating a CRM with Marketing Automation

By: Bob Ruffolo July 9th, 2015

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The right approach to inbound lead management can deliver game-changing results to your inbound marketing program. Unfortunately, it’s also the part of the program that far too many of the people are neglecting when we first start working with them. Fortunately, there is a solution. It all begins with integrating a CRM with marketing automation. 

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