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Don’t Forget About Training In Your Marketing Retainer/Budget!

By: Jenna Ott on September 3rd, 2018

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It’s time to face the harsh reality --  as much as we think we know it all and can do it all, chances are we really don’t and can’t.   Investing in training, however, gets us a lot closer. According to surveys of the U.S. workforce conducted by the American Psychological Association, training and development consistently emerges as one of the areas employees are least satisfied with. In fact, a recent Forbes article reported that over a third of employees receive no training to develop new skills. This should be concerning to leaders everywhere.

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How Compassion Can Transform Your Workplace [TED Talk Video]

By: Natalie Davis on June 29th, 2018

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I’ve always considered myself a generally happy person and, pun not intended, I’m glad. We talk about this at IMPACT quite a bit; How a person’s mood can really affect the team around them and we take it very seriously. If there’s something bothering you that’s work-related, talk to the proper person. If it’s personal, work from home or take some time off.  Even with this culture, I never considered the fact that you can actually measure someone’s overall happiness.

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How Starting a Podcast Made Me a Better Leader

By: Brie Rangel on May 15th, 2018

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Picture this. It was a hot summer day in Wallingford, CT. The whole team was in office for one of our quarterly team get togethers. We were in the middle of our annual Dip Day, which is the best day of the year - yes, even better than Christmas - because everyone makes and shares a different dip and you eat dips for days.

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